New Michelin Video Accurately Shows Why We Love Motorsports

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is billed as the largest motoring garden party in the word. In 1993, Charles Gordon-Lennox, Earl of March and Kinrara, established the Goodwood Festival of Speed; he wanted the motor racing spirit on the grounds of Goodwood House. The Festival of Speed allows enthusiasts direct and intimate access to the machines and drivers that make the sport famous. Automakers from around the globe make an appearance and often display special edition models for their fans.

The event is held in the surrounding parkland of Goodwood Estate, located just to the north of the West Sussex cathedral city of Chichester. Outside of the Festival of Speed, the area is used as farmland for the Goodwood Farm livestock.

Superstar Moments

Michelin recently released a video documenting this year’s edition of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, featuring Paul Wallace from Supercars of London and Sam from Seen Through Glass. We join the duo as they meet and interview some of the most respected names in Motorsport, including Le Mans champion Tom Kristensen, rally legend Mikko Hirvonen, and motorcycle extraordinaire Freddie Spencer.

Over the course of seven minutes, Paul and Sam receive insight on how each form of racing differs and what strategies are needed to be successful. Kristensen explains how an engineer will approach racing while Spencer talks about how he grips the handlebars on his motorcycle while racing. Hirvonen even obliges and gives Sam a ride after he defeats Paul for the privilege after a game of rock, paper, scissors. After ripping around the rally course, Sam declares things on his body he didn’t think could “jiggle” where, in fact, jiggling.

Ford 01

Powerful Pursuits

The underlying theme revolves around the passion we all share for anything with wheels. When it comes to our love of cars particularly, we can usually pinpoint why. It might be for enjoyment, like attending classic car shows or turning wrenches on that old GTO in the garage to restore it. It might be a love for driving a light and agile roadster through rolling hills; it might be that feeling of success a fine luxury car can portray, or it could as simple as appreciating the everyday SUV because it’s reliable for the family.

Whatever the reason, Michelin’s video recapping the Goodwood Festival of Speed, shows how such passions are, and will continue to be, one of the greatest things we can experience.

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