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Merdad Releases Tuned McLaren MP4-12C

The McLaren MP4-12C went into production this year, after a long development program that set some of the world’s top exotics in its sights. If there was one criticism we’ve heard lobbed at the car, it has been that its styling is perhaps too sedate for its price tag.

We like the MP4-12C’s smooth lines, but for those who want a bit more drama British tuner Merdad has taken to modifying the MP4-12C. The result is the Merdad Mehron GT.

What easy way can you make a super car look more dramatic? Why by adding more scoops, of course! The Mehron GT’s front fascia is completely redesigned, with intakes that are now larger and split between each side of the vehicle. The front bumper drops down closer to the tarmac for a more substantial, lowered (the suspension likely gets lowered as well) look.

04merdadmehronmp4 12c

The body kit protrudes out from the front fenders on the sides, creating a lip for air inlets next to each headlight. If you opt for them, the hood also receives strakes leading to small intakes, of dubious functional value. Moving to the side, the split vents for engine air are replaced with Merdad opting instead for a deep new one. The rear end gets a redesigned bumper as well, with expansive use of carbon fiber elements.

Merdad didn’t give us a press release, so there are no more details available than exterior changes at the moment. That means engine specifications will have to wait. It is possible (but unlikely) there will just be a body kit available for interested customers.

It all depends whether or not Merdad is planning to offer the changes as aftermarket modifications to existing McLaren vehicles or the Mehron GT as a turn-key unit. More details are set to arrive at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Let us know what you think of the Mehron GT in the comments; do Merdad’s changes to the MP4-12C help enhance its look?