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McLaren MP4-12C Gets Hennessey HPE 800 Reworking

What’s next for McLaren? The MP4-12C went into production early last year and it has been doing very well, despite some early quality in niggles. Back in 2010, McLaren promised to launch 5 new models or model variants over the next five years. MP4-12C was 2011’s launch – how about 2012? That is likely to be the MP4-12C Spyder. After that, a new supercar will likely slot in above it.

The guys over at Hennessey aren’t waiting for that though, introducing a new HPE800 package for the MP4-12C that should give it similar performance. As its name implies, Hennessey boosts the MP4-12C’s power level up to 800 brake horsepower, up from 592 hp.

hennessey 12c rear

The engine has entirely been reworked, and McLaren’s twin turbos have been swapped out for Hennessey units with higher boost. The extra power requires some significant upgrades in the form of an intercooler, intake, titanium exhaust, transmission and reworked engine management system. Henneessey also says there is a “custom dyno-tuned engine calibration.”

All this is covered under a Hennessey warranty, which is good because this package will void your McLaren one. To match the extra power, Hennessey fitted some exterior upgrades that aim to increase visual excitement. They include a CarbonAero body kit with larger side heat exchangers, a new front air inlet and a hood extractor, along with Monoblock wheels. This aimed at addressing critics who think the MP4-12C isn’t visually engaging enough.

One of the most interesting things about this whole release is a tidbit about the car’s suspension. The 12C’s suspension system has been left untouched. The reason? Hennessey says “factory systems will be difficult to improve on.” That is an extremely strong endorsement of the car’s handling prowess. Normally there is a need to beef up components and rework the suspension when power levels are boosted. The Hennessey McLaren MP4-12C HPE800 will be available as a singular package as well as in individual parts. Pricing information hasn’t been released yet.