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McLaren 12C Spider

Since apparently no supercar can go without a convertible equivalent, it’s no surprise that McLaren just unveiled their latest iteration of the MP4-12C – the McLaren 12C Spider. The coupe is an exceptionally attractive and capable supercar, and while we wait for McLaren to make it even more capable in upcoming model years, fans of the car that want to be seen (or that pretend they don’t want to be seen) now have something to hold them over.

On thing that’s always bothered me about convertible supercars is that you must have the top down, else you look like a complete douchebag whilst driving around. Reason being, a closed soft top on a supercar looks like shit. It just does, stop kidding yourself. The (relieving) differentiating factor between the McLaren and most other open-top supercars is that the 12C Spider is a retractable hardtop. Nice.

McLaren 12C Spider

Now I could bore you with all technical stuff McLaren did to lighten the car while being able to support the extra weight of the hard top, let’s just leave it at “they lightened it.”

Pretty much everything else carries over from the coupe: 616 horsepower fed to the rear wheels via its 3.8-liter twin turbo V6 and 7-speed SSG dual-clutch transmission. They’ve also managed to keep performance numbers mostly the same:

  2013MP4-12C Spider*

(625 PS/616 bhp)
2013MP4-12C *

(625 PS/616 bhp)
0-62 mph

(0-100 kph)
3.1 sec 3.1 sec

6.1 6.0
0-124 mph

(0-200 kph)
9.0 sec 8.8 sec
¼ mile (400m) 10.8 sec @ 134 mph (216 kph) 10.6 sec @ 136 mph (219 kph)
V Max 204 mph (329 kph) 207 mph (333 kph)
CO2g/km 279 279

Most of the rest of the new stuff (new colors, wheels, options, etc.) are carried into the 2013 model year, which means it will also be available on the coupe.

You can place orders for the McLaren 12C Spider now for delivery in late December or early January. Assuming, of course, you’re willing to shell out the $265,750 starting price for the thing.

In the mean time, check out the photo gallery for the McLaren 12C Spider below: