Mazda Furai on track

Mazda Furai Pictures Leaked

What’s the Japanese word for wow?

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this in the slightest. Sure, it’s not perfect, some of the detailing around the rear wheels is clunky, and there seem to be an over usage of gills & frills and various marine lifeform, er, forms (which I note is a growing trend in Japanese cars in general and their show cars in particular). But I’m a real big sucker for that Group C/Le Mans Prototype look anyway.

But overall, what a stunner, and it’s not just skin deep.

It seems that the car is built upon a Courage chassis that Mazda ran in the American Le Mans Series a few seasons back. But wait, it gets better. How about a three-rotor Wankel punching out around 450 HP. Oh, and it runs on 100% ethanol.

No, it will probably never see the street or production (sadly), but if I was the guys from Polyphonic Digital, I’d get a version of this into Gran Turismo now.