Lyonheart K Hails From England As Re-Imagined Jaguar E-Type

The Jaguar E-Type is one of the most iconic car designs – period. Its flowing lines and long, gorgeous hood were unlike anything when it was released. The modern day equivalent is the Jaguar XK, which retains some of the car’s basic shape.

Retro is clearly out at Jaguar though; and for good reason: S-Type, X-Type and previous generation XJ weren’t the best examples of Jaguar design. With Jaguar pursuing modern design, British company Lyonheart has step forward to pay homage to the original, iconic E-Type with the new K sports car.

Talented designers often debut their renderings online that show what manufacturers can do. Most of the time, they are just pie-in-the sky creations, but this one is real – as in, going into production. The decision was made in 2011 after designers Robert Palm and Bo Zolland got a lot of demands for production. The car was known as the Growler E then, and on its way to production the car has evolved to be even closer to the E-Type. We couldn’t be more pleased either, as the design is gorgeous in its retro look. The impression when you first see it is instantly “modern E-Type.”


Side-by-side you’ll subtle modernizations and more balanced proportions such as a longer greenhouse. The biggest change is the wheels pushed out to the corners rather than set underneath the car’s body work. Rather than dual headlights like the Growler E, the K has stretched out units. The whole package works together brilliantly and perhaps what we’re amazed most by is the quality of the whole operation. Small production run vehicles tend to look low-budget, and there is none of that in the Lyonheart K.

As an example, take the interior which is exquisitely crafted and put together – almost Rolls-Royce in appearance. It blends modern and old world touches brilliantly – check out how that brushed aluminum center stack flows upward into the wood dash. Favorite element inside? Definitely would have to be the thin-rimmed steering wheel. Lyonheart has done a fantastic job with this car.

Just 50 examples will be made, all hand-built entirely in Coventry, England. Under the hood is a 5.0-liter supercharged V-8 making about 542 horsepower and 500 pound feet of torque. Built with an aluminum chassis and carbon fiber body panels, weight is expected to come in below 3,500 pounds. Apparently the chassis is being built from scratch.

The order book is being opened for the first 50 cars, which are expected to be delivered in 18 months. The price of entry will be a whole lot more than the original too: about $655K USD at current exchange rates. Check out our gallery of the English stunner below.