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Lurento: A Luxury Car Rental Marketplace Focused On Service

When you place “Italian” in front on things, it usually adds an element of luxury, status, and class. An Italian wedding or Italian cuisine sound magnificent and delightful, while Italian design or Italian influence is regal and poised.

The same is true arguably for an Italian vacation. Sounds exciting right? Perhaps a trip to Rome to see the remnants of the gladiators at The Colosseum, or to Florence for Renaissance art; perhaps Venice with its majestic canals has always been your dream? And all of that sounds so much better when paired with an Italian car, like a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

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Touch of Class

We took an instant liking to Lurento when we learned about them. They truly understand what it takes to compliment the perfect getaway with friends or an important business trip with your associates. Lurento is a luxury car rental marketplace. Their selection of luxury and sports cars are the best in the business, and are available in many European countries. Lurento offers high-end vehicles you won’t find anywhere else when it comes to planning your destination, be it for business or pleasure.

Lurento started in 2015 and their marketplace launched last November. Founder Mihailo Dhoric saw a need for more than just luxury cars, however. He wants customers to have a genuine connection and meaningful experience. This is something we appreciated a great deal after meeting Dhoric and learning about Lurento.

“The market is very specific with a lot of players, but customer-wise there is no good solution,” he said. “This is why we have full customer support and cars are delivered 24/7, wherever they want.”

Those traveling on tight schedules for business will definitely appreciate Lurento’s services.

“We’re flexible about late returns and we accommodate almost any request,” Dhoric said.

Audi R8 V10 Plus
Lurento can make arrangements for long-term rentals, professional chauffeur services, and other special occasions. Photo: Lurento.

Customer Focused

Since renting an exotic or luxury car can take time, Lurento has simplified and streamlined the process accordingly. It’s shorter with direct customer support, and everything is transparent. For example, Lurento’s clients receive everything ahead of time, from original photos of the car to the rates. When it comes to renting an exotic, finding a reliable company, getting all the correct information, the lengthy booking process, and high prices with broker agencies can sour the experience. Lurento negotiates the rates and all fees (extra miles, additional drivers, security deposit etc.) so there are no surprises, and customers get the best price possible.

Lurento’s clientele includes every type of individual from leisure travelers and business executives, to athletes, celebrities, and other notable figures. Some customers simply want to sightsee throughout Europe at their own pace and enjoy the drive. Others are traveling on business and want an element of performance and luxury for their trip. This wide-ranging yet unique customer base has given Lurento a specific advantage when it comes to providing top notch service.

“People expect a premium service when they pay for luxury cars,” Dhoric explained.

Those traveling with their spouses on romantic getaways and seniors enjoying their retirement also utilize Lurento.

“We never let anyone down,” Dhoric added.

Bentley Flying Spur
Lurento offers some of the world’s finest automobiles like this Bentley Flying Spur. Photo: Lurento.

World-Class Cars

When it comes to selection, Lurento offers everything from luxury vans and convertibles, to sedans and sports cars. Their executive section features the BMW 7 Series, Bentley Flying Spur, and Maserati Quattroporte, among others. Lurento’s sports car section will really get your imagination running, especially if you love Ferraris. Cars like the 458 Italia, F12 Berlinetta, and LaFerrari are available, and some Ferrari models can even be rented if you are under 21.

Top speed, horsepower, and acceleration times are listed for each car Lurento offers. Clicking on the image brings up a page that shows additional performance information about that particular car. Lurento also has a large network of partners in Europe so even if the car you want is unavailable, you often can get the same model or a similar alternative.

The booking process is safe for both customers and suppliers, and is a vital part of Lurento’s mission. Each vehicle listed through Lurento has a supplier rating included, based solely on client reviews, so you know ahead of time what to expect.

“The booking process is fully secured for you, your event, or your group,” Dhoric said.

Whether it’s driving a Ferrari around the Italian countryside, blasting across the German Autobahn in an Audi R8, or rolling around London in a Rolls Royce, Lurento has you covered when you need a luxury rental car service in Europe.

“We have the best selection of vehicles and transparent pricing,” Dhoric said. “Instead of searching online and spending time emailing and calling, you have Lurento.”