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Livio Provides 45,000 Station Choice on Car Internet Radio

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Almost 80 years ago, the first factory-installed AM band radio was sold on General Motors cars. Before the advent of portable transistor radios in the late 1950s, the car stereo system was the only way to be entertained on the go. As motoring history progressed, mobile audio adopted crisper FM stations and recordable media. In the past decade, satellite and HD radio have been working to penetrate a crowded media market that quickly favoured the more portable music choices.

Indulging in the wide mobile entertainment spectrum of up to 45,000 AM/FM and Internet stations, Livio Internet Radio App is a new option for driving accompaniment is now combining traditional car stereo system as well as the extended reach of popular smartphones. Improving on their previous methods of transmission through a FM transmitter device, Livio Radio has evolved into the realm of Bluetooth. The Bluetooth Internet Radio Car Kit is the latest innovation created as a seamless way to harness a wide selection of audio enjoyment. The Livio Bluetooth Internet Radio Car Kit needs only to be plugged into the 12-volt power accessory outlet within the vehicle The Livio Radio car adapter kit has recently been introduced for sale in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue for $99.95 plus shipping.

One of the most continuously satisfying qualities of the Livio Radio is realized at the end of every month. Where satellite radio requires paid subscriptions to access content, the Livio Car Internet Radio App does not obligate users to pay monthly fees. Requiring only a simple download onto an Apple iPhone or Android-supported smartphone, the Livio Radio comes alive as a member of the vast mobile app community. Two versions of the app are available through the Apple iTunes Store as well as the Android Marketplace sites. Firstly, there is a free Livio Radio app empowering a device with several hundred Internet broadcast stations. To gain accessibility to the 42,000 through the RadioTime directory, the purchase of a $4.99 upgrade to the Livio Radio app is a one-time charge.


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Using the Livio Car Internet Radio app, the user can choose a desired station through directly tuning, by recommendation or simply through easy search options. A variety of search options include language, radio station call letters and by station format (for example All-Talk or Classic Rock).

As an endless assortment of radio and music apps is presented on smartphone devices (with the iPhone essentially developed from a music player), the inquiry of why the Livio Car Internet Radio is any better is answered through driving. Optimized for automotive use, the Livio Car Internet Radio app presents a layout Helpful for motorists who use GPS navigation from their iPhone devices, the Livio Car Internet Radio app can run in the background through Safari.

An aftermarket audio system, the Livio Car Internet Radio App along with the corresponding hardware will face healthy competition from factory-installed new media options. On select 2012 model year Toyota products, the option of Internet-based iHeartRadio provides 800 stations with their available multimedia unit Entune. Many automakers including Toyota, Chevrolet and Ford are offering access to Internet radio source Pandora. The Livio Bluetooth Internet Radio Car Kit also has compatitability with Pandora as well as Grooveshark.

Thanks to the increasing audio broadcast technology incorporated in modern vehicles, it appears the spirit of radio is alive and well.


Information source: Hammacher Schlemmer, Livio Radio, Toyota Motor Corporation
Photo source: Hammacher Schlemmer, Livio Radio