Livin’ Large: New 2011 Mercedes Benz R-Class

2011 Mercedes Benz R Class

Every vehicle has a specific purpose. For example; the Rolls Royce Phantom was designed to ferry over-paid CEO’s to their board meetings in blissful comfort. While the Volkswagen Polo was intended for people who actually need to save money…like Mr. CEO’s employees.

Since the Mercedes R-Class is an MPV, it’s soul mission in life is to carry a bunch of people, in extravagant luxury. Making it perfect for Mrs. CEO to cart their spoiled children around.

Built on a modified M-Class chassis, the freshened 2011 Mercedes R-Class gets a more aggressive front end, a new gauge cluster, and a sleeker rear-end.

The revisions start with a new three-point star on the grill (which is the size of Jupiter’s 4th moon). The fenders, bonnet, grill and headlamps have all been re sculpted to reflect Mercedes’ new design language.

The new R-Class’ headlamps are more angular, and set further apart. Which Mercedes says creates “a new, dynamic face”. They go on to describe the new headlights as “eyelids”. So presumably, mascara will be a dealer installed option.

The backend gets more sharply angled tail lights, and a reshaped bumper. The tail pipe trim is integrated with a diffuser, which creates a clean, modern look.

On the inside, the big Benz can still seat up to 7 people in copious luxury. Not much has been changed in the overall design, but the driver does get a redesigned gauge cluster to look at.

All in all, the 2011 Mercedes R-Class looks more aggressive than it used to. Which is a good thing. A very good thing.