Lexus SC430 Replacement? Lexus Releases Interior Teaser


Next year’s North American International Auto Show looks like it will be hosting a lot of exciting launches. The show begins in just a few weeks; after New Years we should see some heavy leaking of launches prior to the show.

Lexus and Acura are both slated to bring coupe concepts, providing an interesting contrast at the two cars. Lexus has already released a teaser image of the headlight area of their as-yet-unnamed concept. It appears to be a very aggressive design for Lexus, using more surfacing and aggressive themes than ever. Lexus is heralding it as a vision for the future of the brand. Still, it is a concept, not a production vehicle. Some were disappointed at the watered-down production GS.

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It isn’t clear is if the concept coupe is just a design study or if it previews a production car. The SC430 is the only remotely similar thing Lexus has offered in recent years, and it is a lackluster product that has been in need of replacement for a long time.

The interior of the concept looks exquisitely crafted from the image. There is a lounge-like design making use of large swaths of leather and wood panels. While we’ve yet to see the rest of the inside, what is there looks gorgeous. Hopefully its an indication of what is in store for future Lexus models.

Exterior design is where Lexus needs to focus on though, especially if it intends to attract a younger audience. IS is our favorite Lexus, but we think it could use a dose of aggressiveness next time around. Due to its target market, Lexus is likely to be more daring with that car than say the ES, LS or even the recently-introduced GS. Maybe this concept will offer an indication of what to expect. Its long-running United States crown taken, recent moves indicate that Lexus is preparing a new market offensive. Stiff competition is always good for buyers, who have a better selection of top-notch vehicles to choose from than ever.