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Got Lemons? Enter Yours In The Official Clunker Contest

  • Do you have a contest-worthy clunker of a car? 
  • Lemon Law Experts is holding a Clunker Contest with cash prizes.
  • If you suspect your car is a lemon, there is legal action you can take. 

There are many ways to describe them: jalopies, rust-buckets, hoopties – the list is endless. But call them what you will, there’s nothing quite like a clunker! No matter how much money you pour into them; no matter how many times you plead before starting them; a clunker is likely to let you down in the worst of ways.

But clunkers can have their redeeming qualities. Even though you won’t see a clunker with the pristine vehicles that encompass the typical auto show, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate them.

A Contest For Your Clunker

That’s what Lemon Law Experts is doing with their official Clunker Contest. If you think you have the worst vehicle on the road – a real rust-bucket and real money-pit of a ride – then you need to submit your car. You could walk away with a little spending money for doing so.

With their Clunker Contest, the Lemon Law Experts want to pay homage to the cars that have gotten us from point A to point B for years. These particular cars may not be beautiful, but they stay running with a little elbow grease and TLC (and a few miracles!).

When Life Gives You Lemons

The attorneys at Lemon Law Experts focus on lemon law, representing consumers who have paid for a car only to be burdened with problem after problem. Consumers may not realize they have legal rights if they buy a lemon from a manufacturer. Unfortunately, even though protections are available, as U.S. & World Report points out, automakers and dealers don’t necessarily make it easy to avail yourself of them.

The entire experience often leaves more questions than answers for unsuspecting consumers.

“I started the Lemon Law Experts a decade ago,” said Jessica Anvar, Founder & Managing Attorney. “What makes us unique from other law firms is that we have a number of star attorneys here who have had success in lemon law, and who are well-respected in the community.”

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Have you done a “Frankenstein” and swapped parts from another car to keep your clunker running? The Lemon Law Experts want to know!

How To Enter

Submit a quick history of your vehicle’s mechanical quirks along with the pain each has caused you on the official entry page. Make sure to include a photo or two, and the funnier the better! In order to offset the all the money you have shelled out on your beloved clunker, the Lemon Law Experts are offering the following prizes:

First Place Winner: $250 American Express Gift Card.
Second Place Winner: $100 American Express Gift Card.
Third Place Winner: $50 American Express Gift Card.

All entries must be submitted prior to Wednesday, February 6th 2019. Winners will be announced that day. In the meantime, keep up with the Lemon Law Experts and the Clunker Contest on Twitter:@lemonexperts.

Have fun and remember: When life gives you lemons, enter them in the Clunker Contest! Good luck and may the worst car win!