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Land Rover Sells Out Of 2013 Range Rover

As most of us know, sport utility vehicles were all the rage in the 1990s and early 2000s. You know, back when the economy was roaring and gas was cheap. The HUMMER was the best example of this excess with the H2. It was a trend that fast wore out.

Where is it now? Oh yes, it’s gone. The H2 was often compared with the Land Rover Range Rover, which has seen its sales rise consistently over the years. It doesn’t take rocket science to know that there was a big difference though. The Range Rover is an icon that has been around for years, and formed a loyal buyer base.

It is fad-averse, avoiding major changes to its exterior styling and operating on a long life cycle. For 2013, the Range Rover has gotten its biggest update in years – and buyers are flocking to it. If you want to order a new 2013 Range Rover, be prepared to wait at least six months to a year. That’s because it’s sold out until then, according to Automotive News and Jaguar Land Rover North American executive vice president of operations Chris Marchand. He says that Land Rover is asking for as many new Range Rovers as they can get their hands on.

Demand is so high that they are not bringing over the $83, 545 base model to the United States. Land Rover observed buying patterns for the previous generation model, and came up with the $88,545 HSE as a result. Very few buyers of the previous generation Range Rover purchase the base model, and this makes sense. If you have the money to buy a Range Rover, why would you want to buy the base model? Exactly.

The HSE includes 20 inch wheels, a panoramic roof and an upgraded audio system. The base model will continue to be sold around the world, and it isn’t clear if this is just a temporary measure. Land Rover sold 43, 664 vehicles last year, and plans to top that in 2013 with the help of models like the Evoque and the new Range Rover. Takeaway? Land Rover buyers sure haven’t got the memo that the sport utility vehicle is supposed to be dead.

  1. Range Rover is an amazing SUV. Its worth to wait for a SUV lover for 6 months to own a Range Rover.

  2. Land Rover has always had the remarkable skill of making their new model look new and like the old one at the same time.

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