Lancia Developing Chrysler 300-Based Coupe?

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In the new Fiat-Chrysler Group order, Lancia and Chrysler are the brands paired together. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen anything from Lancia brought over here. We’d particularly like to see the Delta; it’s been teased at various auto shows bearing a Chrysler logo, but nothing came off it.

In Europe though, the 300, 200 Convertible and Town & Country minivan have been brought over to be sold as Lancias. We know, it’s pretty weird – Chryslers being sold as Italian cars? The Lancia brand is struggling though, and Fiat decided the only way to save it is new product. Right now the future of the brand isn’t certain.

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The 300 is rebadged as the Thema flagship, and it has a gorgeous interior that had made its way to the United States on up level trims. One thing we’ve never got here in the U.S is a 300 Coupe. The only coupe on the 300’s platform is the Dodge Challenger. reports that Lancia could be looking into one though. Lancia hasn’t been showing much life, but Fiat appears to be committed to the brand. If Fiat intends to move forward with Lancia, a luxury coupe could be an image car it needs. Lancia really only competes in the Italy though, and Italian market is quite weak.

So, the business case wouldn’t make much sense for an Italian-only vehicle. Selling it in the U.S and other global markets too though? That might work. The report isn’t clear whether it would just be a version of the 300 or once styled specifically for Lancia. We’d be fine with either. The rendering depicts a low-slung coupe version of the 300, and it is a stylish big coupe. There’s a lot of rumors that fly around; this is one of the ones we’d be surprised to see come about. Hopefully it does though. We’re looking forward to the next-generation Chrysler/Lancia models. We think Chrysler’s models will be positively impacted by Lancia’s Italian input.

  1. What a tragedy to see a marque on par with Maserati and Alfa Romeo relegated to this status, rebadged Chrysler/Merc “gangsta” mobile.

    This from the company that brought us the Delta Integrale, Thema 8.32, Stratos, 037, Montecarlo, Fulvia, Aurelia, etc. Granted Fiat Group is quickly making something of Chrysler and Dodge, but these brands could never hold a candle to the beauty, innovation, and shear engineering brilliance of Lancia. Pairing the brands like GM does with Opel-Vauxhall just is not right.

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