Lamborghini MERIDIIST Luxury Cell Phone from Tag Heuer

Lamborghini Tag Heuer MERIDIISTLamborghini and Tag Heuer teamed up for a new limited edition luxury cell phone. With a design based on the strikingly sexy Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640, the MERIDIIST looks about as cool as a cell phone can look. Only 1963 (the year Lamborghini was founded) copies of this phone will be made, starting at an enormously expensive $7,500.

The phone is constructed from stainless steel and coated in black titanium carbide (really hard stuff,) and you can get it in various colors of leather, alligator skin, or rubber. My favorite: Black calfskin leather with red stitching. The screen is made from sapphire crystal, the same scratch-resistant material high-end watch faces are made from.

The whole phone has a sharp-edged design any Lamborghini lover will adore, although the dimensions and feature design resemble phones from five years ago. The rear is styled after the Murciélago LP 640’s V12 engine block and engraved with your “XXXX/1963” limited edition number.

Battery life is an impressive seven hours talk time, 28 days standby power. Tech features are a typical 2 megapixel camera and WAP 2.0 browser, quad-band GSM, an ultra-sensitive antenna, an OLED screen on top displaying time, and Lamborghini wallpapers and screen animations.

Worth the price? Not even close, but if you just bought a new Lambo, chances are you’re not worried about saving money on your cell phone bill.

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