Lamborghini Estoque Gets The Ax


Lamborghini has just announced they’ve decided to call it quits on their much-ballyhooed Estoque high performance sedan. It was to be Lambo’s answer to Porsche’s Panamera as well as Maserati’s Quattroporte, or was it all just vaporware?

Look, I got nothing against practicality. You have to go get groceries and pick up three friends from the airport, that sort of practicality. Sadly, life cannot all be Ferrari Enzos and Caterham 7s. But I sort of have to draw the line with stuff like the Porsche Panamera. To me, that car, in addition to being misshapen and not very well executed, was just another sign of Porsche falling more and more out of consideration as a Serious Car Maker. First that God-awful and pointless Cayenne aimed at the Carmella Sopranos of the world, and now a fracking four door. What’s next guys, a sub-compact city car with a 2 cylinder engine?

So when the Estoque (that’s pronounce es-TOKE-ay, for you non-Iberians out there) hit the show stands, it gave me a queasy feeling more than anything else. Sure, the thought of me and three friends blasting from Milan to Paris in Lambo’s big, brutish sedan, DOES have a certain charm, but isn’t that what a Quattroporte is for? Or an S-Class?

Yeah, it’s nice to see Lambo get their beak wet in this area, stretch out a bit, see what else they can do (as well as raid some sedan expertise from company parent Audi), but overall it struck me as an odd thing for them to be doing. A lot of friends said that they thought it was vaporware from the get go, little more than an attention-getter from a company facing harsh economic times with a product line up that’s pretty much a textbook definition of the word “frivolous”.

So maybe it IS mission accomplished for the Lamborghini Estoque. Roll it out, get some press, and then say you decided to kill a car that was never going to see production.

Here is the full (if brief) Lambo press release:


In reference to recent press coverage commenting on cancellation of its Estoque project, Lamborghini has not taken any decision to produce its Estoque concept car, the four door performance saloon concept shown at Paris motor show in 2008.

As stated when the car was shown, Lamborghini believes that if a third model line should ever be added to its product line up, a four door luxury performance saloon could be a logical product strategy. No decision has been made to produce the Estoque.

Photo from Flickr user Wyemji

  1. Its bad News For Some People,

    I liked It Very Much,

    i didnt find Porsche's Panamera Cool,

    I think They Are Going To launch Something More Better

  2. Great – bullsh-t of the highest level. They don't release their only practical car – but plan a million "limited-ed-f'all release-convertible-we-added-10-more-hp-LP6XX-SV-GT-LV" models that only the rich will buy and no one will ever drive. I remember when cars were designed so that people would take it to the road. Thank god we still have the Tesla S and Lotus Evora – otherwise we would all be destined to drive the family around in what ever Maxima or 4WD is produced in the next 10 years



    I wonder what made them finally kill it. Public outcry? Nah, it's been split rather evenly other this. Financial reasons? C'mon, this is Lamborghini we're talking about. Their marketing guys get fired whenever they mention selling anything under 200K. Most likely the reason was (I hope) some head dude in the upper echelons woke up and suddenly decided that a Lambo sedan is stupid.

  4. I agree completely Will, but sadly what they're saying now is that they haven't decided to build it, but haven't decided not to either. They're remaining very neutral on the whole 3rd model in the lineup thing.

  5. well, thats to bad, couldnt take it. And btw i have a Porsche cayenne turbo s, and it is the BEST car i have ever seen in my life! It looks GREAT, its SUPER FAST, can keep up with the farraris but i can still hold 5 people. Pointless, not realy try driving more than 2 hours in a non suv, people who diss the cayenne are just pissed casue they dont have the money to get in one. THe second you push the gas pedal and your head is slammed into the headrest, and you realize that your sitting in a much higher more natural seat, you realize that the cars like lambo are the actuall pointless. The panamera is an amazing car, granted there are some angles where the back is ugly, but the rest of it makes up for it. This car wouldnt stand a chance. It would be to expensive and it wouldnt make money. Its a good thing it was cancelled becasue lambo needs to start making an actual profit. There to expensive and crap. Porsches are 10000x nicer, faster, and yet still 100 of thousands less. Its time that people get real. These cars are alright to have for weekends, but the cayenne is the perfect mix of both sport and function. Thats why its the best option for any person. Cause who can argue with a 5,000 pound SUV getting to 60 in 4.7? thats faster than allot of cars, and yet still gets better gas millage, and can carry more than 1 person…

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