Lamborghini Countach EV Concept

Lamborghini Countach EV Concept

What would the famed Lamborghini Countach look like if Lambo put it back into production today? Designer Flavio Adriani thinks it would look like what you see here. And the EV part? Yup, it’s an electric car – no fire-breathing V12 engine here.

The Lamborghini Countach is one of those cars we all dreamed about when it came out, and many of us (myself included) continue to lust over this legend today. Flavio is no different – the freelance architect designer took a step out of his profession and recreated the supercar of his childhood dreams. The concept rendering he created is a great representation of the Countach with modern Lamborghini design elements.

Lamborghini Countach EV Concept side

The pop-up headlights of the ’80s are replaced with a more modern design, and the front is given a look similar to the recent LP-style Lamborghinis. The rear-end looks a bit like an LP560-4 with the block tail lights and high rear bumper.

From the side, it’s all Countach. The familiar wedge shape returns along with the legendary doors, split windows, and wheel arch extensions. The front lip and rear wing are also carried over from the old Countach.

Lamborghini Countach EV Concept

The big twist here is the “EV” part of it. As you can see above, Flavio has the Countach EV Concept running on three electric motors – one for each front wheel and one for both rear wheels. The rear “engine cover” – which would no longer cover an engine – serves as a solar panel, and four wind turbine generators in the front charge the batteries.

If this concept or any other Lamborghini electric car were ever put into production, however, I imagine Lambo would use a sort of variation of the system used on the upcoming Audi e-tron.

Ideally, though, Lamborghini would never do this in the first place. Environmental this, save the planet that, I know. I’m all for it on everyday commuter cars, but a hard-edged Lamborghini sporting an electric motor? No thanks, I’ll pass. Frankly, I would consider it a disgrace to the Lamborghini name were something like this implemented.

Lamborghini Countach EV Concept

The re-imagined Countach, on the other hand gets me excited. I’d love to see a modern Countach put into limited production. Not long ago Lamborghini created a similar concept based on the all-mighty Miura, and it was excellent. Having one based on the Countach would be even better.

I saw two Lamborghini Countaches at a local car show a couple weeks ago and it’s incredible how well they’ve aged. The sight of one in person is simply breathtaking, and if you haven’t seen one outside of pictures yet, it’s worth going out of your way to check one out.

A couple more pictures below:

Lamborghini Countach EV Concept red

Lamborghini Countach EV Concept

  1. Lamorgini is known to be the gas guzzling exotic anyone with good taste wants to own. Now that they’re thinking up eco friendly Electric exotics, you would have to be out of your mind not to make this your dream car. It’s deffinately mine.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with the author, for me also the Countach is still the pinnacle of how a sports car should look, I would love to see a modern version of it maybe with a slightly longer body as they’re quite short in the flesh and also fitted with better rear visibility, modern aircon etc.
    There was a time about 10ish years ago now I think where cars like the Countach and Ferrari Testarossa dropped in price considerably, I saw a yellow LP5000QV going on ebay for approx. £36K and at the time I had the money but was put off by horror stories about the huge running costs, in the end I bought a Mitsubishi Evo IX for £32K and spent another £20K having it modified to an output of ~540BHP, after destroying a gearbox I quickly realised that it would have been better to have spent the money on a car designed for the extra power in the 1st place, I really hope Lamborghini revamp the Countach as I suspect it would be extremely popular.

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