Koenigsegg Trevita

Koenigsegg Trevita – The Shimmering Diamond

In Koenigsegg’s latest press release for the new Trevita, they say “When sunlight hits the car, it sparkles like millions of silvery white diamonds infused inside the visible carbon fiber weave bodywork.” I hear that kind of stuff all the time in press releases – a manufacturer trying to make the car sound amazing and poetic – nothing new. Thing is, this is for real. The Koenigsegg Trevita is coated in ACTUAL diamonds. Over the top and gaudy? Actually…no, not in this case.

Let me explain. Koenigsegg’s cars, as far as I can tell, all have bodies made completely from carbon fiber. Nothing new on a 200+ mph supercar, but that naturally isn’t enough for the Swedish brand. They’ve found a way to coat the fibers in a diamond finish, which as you could imagine, makes the car sparkle “like millions of silvery white diamonds infused inside the visible carbon fiber weave bodywork.” Indeed. I’m sure pictures do the finish absolutely no justice.

Koenigsegg Trevita side

Trevita, in case you were wondering translates into “three whites” in Swedish. Appropriate, since only three of these cars will be made, sold to very, very rich customers. Price was not disclosed on the press release, but rest assured it is WAY out of our price range.

The Trevita is based off of the CCXR, which is the biofuel version of the CCX, producing an incredible 1018 horsepower. Equipment, other than the 4.7-liter twin-supercharged V8 engine includes the pictured double carbon rear wing, paddle shifters, exhaust system, carbon ceramic brakes, hydraulic lift system, and a chrono instrument cluster. Take a look at the pics below. Chances are, we’ll never see one in real life to see how the finish actually looks in person.

Koenigsegg Trevita wheel

Koenigsegg Trevita wing

Koenigsegg Trevita tail light

Koenigsegg Trevita detail

  1. Wow, that is all I can say, other than that, I am speechless.

    This car is awesome!

    Yea, your right, this is probably the most and closest I wil ever see if this car, these pictures.

    God Bless you ever does own these 3 cars.

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