Kia’s POP Electric Minicar Concept to Debut at Paris Motor Show

Kia POP Concept

Looks like they might be trying to go for the Hello Kitty-clad Japanese youth with this one. Regardless, Kia just released these images of their latest concept car – the Kia POP. The POP Concept is a 3 meter long minicar, sits three, and it’s powered by an electric motor. No surprise here, given the trend toward smaller and smaller cars nowadays. Now it’s just a matter of differentiating yourself from all the other “me toos” in the segment. I suppose that incredibly weird design helps it stand out (which Kia calls “innovative design chic.”) OK then.

One interesting thing to not about the car, however, is the odd name. Not just the fact that “POP” is a weird name for a car, but the fact that Kia is calling it the “POP” – notice the italicized “O”. That’s not a weird typo, that italic “O” is all over the press release.

Kia says they’ll be unveiling the POP Concept at the Paris Motor Show on September 30th. If people like it, looks for a much less interesting version to be on the streets, assuming this whole “microcar” thing catches on.

Check out the renderings below: