2020 Karma Revero GT

Karma Revero GTE: All-Electric Performance Car Due In 2021

  • The Karma Revero GTE is built on the company’s new “skateboard” platform.
  • Two versions will initially be available, with a hyper-range version on the way.

Remember the Karma from a while back? It was called the Fisker Karma and Justin Bieber drove a chrome one around SoCal. The car looked nice, but it was not well-received and ended up earning a failing grade from Consumer Reports. Well, they nearly folded and Henrik Fisker eventually resigned after the company’s financial practices were called into question.

Today the new owners, Chinese auto parts supplier Wanxiang Group, seem poised to turn things around. Karma Automotive, now the name of the new company, have been announcing details about the Karma 2.0. It’s called the Karma Revero now instead of the Karma, with the GTE being the latest version. And if the tech preview we have so far holds, there could be another serious player in the EV market.

What Is the Karma Revero GTE?

Although it won’t be out until next year, the Karma Revero GTE will be the Southern California-based company’s latest all-electric vehicle. The Revero GTE joins the GTS, GT, and just plain Revero as the fourth model in Karma Automotive’s lineup. The Revero GTE will roll out as two versions, both of which come in 200-mile and 300-mile range configurations.

Later in 2021 there will be 400-mile, hyper-range version available.

Like I said, this will make the Karma Revero GTE a serious competitor to Polestar, Tesla, Porsche and the like, assuming the quality is there this time around. The Revero GTE, according to the company, offers levels of performance, technology, and luxury that place the car firmly in the high-end ranks. In other words, this is not a bare bones EV, and not the Karma from a few years ago.

“The Revero GTE is a testament to Karma’s future and a continuation of the success of our definitive luxury electric Revero GT,” said Vlad Kalika, Vice President of Powertrain at Karma Automotive. “The GTE adds diversity to our growing product range, and ushers in a new era of pure all-electric technology – something we are proud to offer both our customers and the mobility industry.”

Karma E-Flex Platform for the Karma Revero GTE.
Karma E-Flex Platform. Photo: Karma Automotive.

Platform & Performance

The Revero GTE is built on the Karma E-Flex Platform, which has the now rather familiar “skateboard” layout. In addition to accommodating the new GTE, the E-Flex Platform itself is marketed by Karma Automotive as one that provides new electric mobility solutions to partners across the industry. Which can also be read as, “Hey! Our E-Flex Platform can be used by any other car manufacturer. Hint! Hint!”

Performance-wise, the 2021 Revero GTE is said to go from zero to 60 in less than 3.9 seconds, which is okay, but not Porsche Taycan levels of stellar. The Revero GTE also features electronic torque vectoring for better handling. Other than that, Karma Automotive hasn’t revealed much else on the performance front but things do look promising.

Karma Revero GTE.
Photo: Karma Automotive.

Karma Revero GTE Charging Capability

The forthcoming Revero GTE will be offered in two models initially, with the hyper-range version (400 miles) due a short time later. There’s the standard-range model that can go 200 miles on a full charge using a 75kWh Nickel Manganese Cobalt lithium-ion battery. The extended-range version can get 300 miles total range using its 100kWh NMC battery.

The DC 150kW Fast Charging system gets you an 80 percent charge in under 30 minutes, according to Karma Automotive. Household current levels of charging at 11kW will give the GTE a full charge overnight.

Manufacturing & Availability

The Revero GTE, like other Karma models, will be assembled at Karma’s Innovation and Customization Center in Moreno Valley, California. The car was developed, styled, and engineered at the company’s headquarters in Irvine.

Karma Automotive will have a pre-order system up and running in the coming months, with Revero GTEs showing up in dealerships by spring of 2021. Later in the fall of 2021, Karma Automotive plans to release the Revero GTE in China and Europe.

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Photos & Source: Karma Automotive.