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Jaguar XKR-S Unveiled, Takes Spot as Jaguar Performance Leader

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The current-generation XK was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2005, as a 2006 model. For years, since the original XK8 launched in 1996, the XKR performance variant has remained as the top dog in Jaguar’s performance portfolio.

It might seem like the XK is nearing its time for a replacement, but it has a few years left in its model run. That is evidenced by Jaguar’s continued investment in the car with a new high-performance model, the XKR-S. With a few updates, the XK is well-positioned to continue. The XKR-S helps the XK remain a relevant and competent entry in the performance segment.

This year will mark the 50th Anniversary of the iconic E-Type. This year Jaguar is commemorating the occasion by hosting a celebration at the Restaurant Hotel du Parc des Eaux Vives in Geneva where the original car was launched.

Fittingly then, Jaguar is using the show to debut its XKR-S, a car that still shows hints of the E-Type, proving the enduring influence of its design. The XKR-S utilizes the XKR’s 5.0-liter supercharged V-8, but turns up the dial on performance. The result? 550 horsepower, 502 pound feet of torque, a top speed of 186 mph and a 0-60 mph run that takes just 4.2 seconds.

Other than that, we only have two images to check out. That paint color is decidedly unlike Jaguars we are used to, so it does stand out. Also apparent in the images is that the car has a redesigned front fascia, along with updated headlights and taillights that include LEDs. The updated lighting is likely part of a freshening that the standard car will be receiving as well. More detailed specifications and photography of the XKR-S is set to drop when the show kicks off next week.

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