Jaguar XJ Front View

Jaguar Looks to Expand U.S Sales With AWD Models

The share of all-wheel drive equipped cars in the United States has been steadily growing, especially in the luxury segment. Companies like Audi with Quattro and Subaru have made all-wheel drive a centerpiece of their brands. but it has found mainstream acceptance after being more of a niche offering.

It is a way to avoid the stigma of front-wheel drive in some luxury circles, and it adds extra peace of mind and security in snow climates. Jaguar, which is looking to increase its share in the U.S, is set to introduce AWD models of its core XF and XJ cars. Much like it has done by coming out with an XK wagon in the United Kingdom, Jaguar’s primary focus right now is maximizing appeal quickly with its existing models.

Jaguar XF

Jaguar executive, Adrian Hallmark says the new models are critical, pegging them as a centerpiece of U.S growth. Speaking with Autocar, Hallmark said: “In the snowbelt of America it accounts for 70 per cent of sales, and overall it accounts for 30 per cent of sales, so we are working on it and in the final stages of a decision. It is core to our future offering.”

Jaguar wants to have the core automotive segments covered before expanding with hybrids, for instance. Future Jaguar plans call for the brand to go head-to-head with Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz rather than occupying a higher space in the market. Right now Jaguar is lacking an entry-level competitor which is crucial for global sales, as well as a crossover.

Both models are in the works, and the crossover is rumored to be based on the Land Rover Evoque. Given Jaguar’s stunning design language inside and out lately, we’re looking forward to both vehicles. Jaguar shouldn’t have any problem expanding sales around the world if they are up to the same level as the XF and XJ sedans.