It’s An RV AND A Garage

RV exterior 1

Hey, how’s that economy going for you? Yeah, that’s what I thought – same thing for me. It must be going OK for some people, you know, people how can not only afford huge frickin’ RVs, but huge frickin’ RVs that feature a garage in their belly bays.

Now, the funny thing is, I can understand the practicality of something like this. That’s right, I said practicality. How so? Follow me.

RV exterior 2

I know it’s not marketed at this end of the market, but you know who could use something like this? Gentlemen racers.

See, if you spend enough time t the track (and I have) you quickly realize that getting a good enough race car and getting it to run right is just half of the problem (at best). For starters, not only are you going to need spares and tools and all that stuff, but you’re really going to need a good tow vehicle and trailer.

“Hey, I know. Just get a big truck and combine the trailer with the tow vehicle!”

That doesn’t work in practice. Because if you have a tow vehicle you can separate from the trailer, then you can use that vehicle to run errands (things like running out to get burgers for the crew).

RV exterior 3

If you end up racing long enough, you start to look at things you used to hate, things like RVs, as something you could really use. You could tow your racer behind the RV and sleep in the thing over race weekends. Ah, but what if you have to run errands? Need to get some parts or buy food or what not? See, that’s where having an RV with a garage could (could) come in handy.

I said could.

RV interior

Source: Gizmodo

  1. ah! I remember i've seen this RV a couple of time ago on John Chow's blog. I'm not a big RV fan but this one looks even better than my house lol. Luxious interior and an interesting garage but i'm sure that you can't get an SUV there.

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