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Is Your Car Made in America? (Infographic)

Is your car made in America? Answering this question was once an easy task. There were hallmark brands that defined American-made cars and everything else was foreign.

The balance has shifted in the last few decades, however, and foreign brands are manufacturing many aspects right here in America, while American brands have been outsourcing many components of American cars.

To help us sort through the confusion and get to the bottom of “Made in America,” our friends from have devised this infographic.

Is my car made in America?

  1. GM makes so few cars in the US you had to use THREE models of the CTS to fill out their chart? Or you don’t have data for more?

    You should just have one CTS entry and make the GM section smaller.

    There is a typo on Cadillac – You have DTS listed twice in the bottom half, should be DTS & STS.

  2. “Built by autoworkers employeed by foreign brands” is meaningless. Foreign brands are owned by stockholders not exclusively by people in that foreign country. I own a ton of Toyota stock as well as two Toyota cars that were assembled in the USA. All brands are now international companies.

  3. you forgot that the Corolla and Matrix and Rav4 are made in Ontario Canada. As well that Ford and GM have gigantic plants in the middle east. The engines for most GM are made in China. Your info graphic is incomplete.



  4. Since Canada probably buys 10% of the cars manufactured in North America, is it really a problem that Canada produces 10% of the cars in North America? Free trade is a two-way street, and protectionism is short-sighted and will only work against Americans in this global market.

  5. lol @ the first comment. I agree, it’s a pretty overwhelming infographic (informative nonetheless).

  6. The infographic is rubbish it leaves some interesting information out. Bought a V6 GM car lately the motor is built in Aussie, Bought a rwd V8/V6 Chevvy? the world supply is a Holden out of Aussie badged as a Chev maybe your article should read assembled in US.

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