Is Electric Really Better?

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Before you all freak out on me because you think I’m just going to smash and trash electric vehicles, hear me out. I’m not poo-pooing them because I think they’re too slow or ugly looking. I have valid arguments that I want to bring to everyone’s attention.

And now that you haven’t read that and don’t care anyways, I’ll continue.

I think electric cars are stupid. There, I said it. I’d rather save the thousands of dollars it costs to own one and buy a bike instead if I really wanted to save the planet and money on gas.

Yes, the technology is fascinating and the idea itself is pretty cool (like a giant remote control car), but, really, what are we thinking?

I’ve been to various press events lately hosted by companies just entering the EV market and they’re thrilled to offer vehicles that can go 20, 40 even 50 km on one charge. Wow — so not worth it.

And think about how many times you forget to plug your cell phone in at night to charge.Now imagine getting up to drive to work only to realize you forgot to plug your car in and now the battery is dead. Yeah, really practical.

I’m not saying manufacturers should stop trying to make this technology work; it has promise. I’m just saying they should be a little less excited about a car that will only get its occupants to the end of the block before its batteries dry up and it cruises to a silent stop on the side of the road.

  1. I think that electric cars are in no way the future, its a good idea but its not a great one. I feel that if you own an electric car your not paying for gas anymore but now your electric bill is doubled. And I know its good for the environment and everything but if I want to save earth and drive why not dive a car that runs on grease from fast food restaurants? That’s a great idea, your saving the earth and most fast food places will give their grease out for free. But that’s just my opinion, great article!

  2. Look… everything is difficult at the beginning. In part, I understand your reluctance to electric cars. At the moment they didn't particularly impress – that's true. But you know… "Rome wasn't built in a day". Is sorry to see how people (mostly those who do not have own car!!) despise this technology, which after all is only in its infancy. The idea of building electric cars is not bad or stupid. In time it will be better and better, without a doubt. Improved capacity, better range, efficient batteries, reduced maintenance costs… It's all within reach.

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