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Infographic: How to Buy a Used Car

It’s likely that every one of you reading this has purchased a used car before, but many of us still have bad experiences with it. Every car you buy you should go through a checklist and make sure everything is in order and there are no red flags before ponying up the cash and driving it home.

We all know this, but many times we forget everything we need to check. So the folks over at The Car People have put together this helpful infographic to take a look at before going to look at your next potential set of wheels.

The infographic is focused on buyers from the UK, but most of the tips are universal and apply to anywhere in the world.

Take a look below, bookmark, and write out a checklist next time you’re in the market for a used car:

How to buy a used car infographic

  1. Its good check list. I shall keep it in mind. But we also need to ask ourselves what will happen to our old vehicle & how we are going to recycle it?

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