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Infiniti Offers Lifetime Opportunity

Infiniti Engineering Performance Academy

Racing gets into the blood and it’s not uncommon, for those who take it serious, to have big dreams.  Combine that with a passion for how things work, tick and move and a lifetime opportunity awaits through the Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy. The program provides university engineering students a shot at working with Infiniti Red Bull Racing (Formula One) and Infiniti Motor Company.

Only the brightest students are selected from the global search that without such an occasion, may find it hard to receive the necessary recognition for this career field.

“In an industry that is notoriously difficult to get into, this is an unprecedented chance for talented young engineers,” said Allyson Witherspoon, director of Marketing Communications and Media for Infiniti USA.

Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy began in 2014 and was an instant success.

“Last year’s pilot program uncovered three outstanding candidates from around the world, including two from the United States,” Witherspoon said.

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This year, 5 candidates will be selected.

2015 Application Window:

  • March 2 – May 22

Eligible Markets / Regions:

  • Russia
  • China (including Hong Kong)
  • United States
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Europe (as a whole)

Positions Available:

  • Vehicle Dynamics (x2)
  • Vehicle Design
  • Electronics
  • Aerodynamics

The Basics

  1. You must be an undergraduate
  2. You must be a fluent English speaker
  3. You must be studying a relevant degree
  4. You must be living and studying in an eligible market or region
  5. You must be available for a 2-3 day Final in June or July
  6. You must be available to start work in the UK from September 1st 2015*

Full requirements and criteria are listed here.

Infiniti Engineering Performance Academy 2

A winning student from each market/region receives a 12 month salaried internship, working with both Infiniti’s European Technical Center and Infiniti Red Bull Racing.  They will work on both road and race cars, drawing the links between the two for future innovations. The program has multiple layers, each critical to the success of Infiniti’s namesake.

Winning students are expected to perform and contribute.

“Whether you’re designing and building road cars or working in Formula One, the ability to think laterally, creatively and operate seamlessly within a team are crucial,” said Adrian Newey, Chief Technical Officer for Infinit Red Bull Racing.  “We’re looking for engineers who are technically very strong, but they need to excel in other areas too.”

Infiniti Engineering Performance Academy 3Interested candidates should submit their resume accompanied by a video answering the question “Why do I deserve this opportunity?” A Skype interview with an in-depth profile analysis by Infiniti and Infiniti Red Bull Racing senior management follows.  Only ten are selected for the regional finals where they will compete in a series of engineering and team building scenarios, judged by Infiniti and Infiniti Red Bull Racing representatives.

The regional finals will showcase students from America, Europe, Russia, China and Saudi Arabia, with only one from each “region” finally chosen.

For more information on the Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy and to apply, click here.

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Photo and Video Credits: Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy & Infiniti Red Bull Racing