Ill-Equipped Vehicles, Highways in Disrepair; Audi Releases New A6 Ad


Here in America, most of us agree on the state of our highways and infrastructure; they are in need of investment and repair. Audi is using statistics on this issue in an advertisement promoting its new A6 sedan. The state of American roads, and drivers, is painted in a negative light to reinforce an image that the A6 is the intelligent, safe choice. It is all part of Audi’s positioning as “new luxury.” We can’t say we don’t agree with its conclusions, however the source its coming from; German manufacturer Audi, may make the ad more controversial.

Based on sales figures, Americans love German cars; particularly luxury vehicles. Sometimes being German made is worn as a badge of honor to represent solid, well-handling vehicles. There is a flip-side though, as some view that tag with negative connotations, like expensive to fix and poor reliability.

What can’t be disputed though is that in a country such as Germany, the roads are maintained much better, and driving standards are more strict. They have to be – potholes at 150 mph on the Autobahn could be catastrophic. And who wants people who don’t know what they are doing blasting down the road at those speeds? To maintain those kind of roads though, taxes are higher at every level – including at the pump. Its a question of trade-offs. One thing is sure though, we love America – with all its faults. Check the ad out below and let us know what you think of it in the comments section.

  1. I can’t disagree about the roads being in poor condition. Los Angeles has some of the worst potholes; I have heard of people getting their tires and wheels ruined by the deep potholes.

    Nissan Orange County

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