Airport Sunrise

3 Iconic Journeys Changed by Modern Travel

My work in the automotive industry requires frequent travel.  Sometimes, for months on end, I will be navigating the country, going city to city.  Airports, hotel shuttles, and rental cars are often a way of life for me.

Travel has changed greatly over the last 100 years, from automobiles to airplanes.  When I examine modern travel, I find it much safer.

Cars have incorporated everything from seat belts to forward collision cameras in the interest of safety.  Planes can utilize valuable tools like an auxiliary power unit (see Miracle on the Hudson) while seat cushions are self-extinguishing and cabin walls are laced with fire retardant insulation.

Extensive pilot and crew training combines with air traffic control protocol on the ground that keeps planes from intersecting during take off and landing.

In addition to safety, traveling this day in age is faster.

Take Off

One thing for sure: I know what cities have the nicest airports, best restaurants, most efficient taxi systems, and even the friendliest people.  Okay, to be honest: every city I visit has kind people but bonus points are awarded to Alabama residents.

Although, in the travel options of yesteryear, a trip to Alabama (or whatever place you deem to have wonderful people) would have taken much longer.

This infographic is a contrasting look at certain iconic journeys around the world and how modern travel has changed them.

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Happy Trails!