Hyundai Veloster REFLEX 6
Hyundai Veloster RE:FLEX Edition Rear

Chicago Auto Show: Hyundai Veloster RE:FLEX Edition

Hyundai Veloster REFLEX

Hyundai’s “anti-halo” car has another special edition, just released in Chicago. Feast your eyes on the limited-run Hyundai Veloster RE:FLEX Edition, a follow-up to last year’s RE:MIX Edition. Hyundai heeded calls from Veloster customers who wanted models more unique and exclusive than standard Velosters.

Fundamentally, what we have here is a regular Veloster with much of the car’s $1,800 Style Package and some Turbo-only features as standard. It’s the Veloster for those who want the perks of a Turbo without paying for the Turbo badge.

Projector headlamps (previously a Turbo-only feature), fog lights, chrome-finished 18-inch alloy wheels, illuminated door sills, chrome door handles and hood accents, and RE:FLEX badging are standard. RE:FLEX marks the first time a non-Turbo Veloster has been equipped with leather seating, offered in either red or black. Also gleaned from the Style Package are piano black interior accents, leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, and an automatic up driver’s window.

Hyundai Veloster REFLEX headlight

Audiophiles will be pleased not to pay Turbo prices for RE:FLEX’s 450-watt Dimension premium audio system with eight speakers and subwoofer.

The RE:FLEX will use the same 1.6-liter, four-cylinder motor as on normal Velosters, but it’ll come standard with six-speed EcoShift dual-clutch transmission, something that’s normally an option.

Customers will have five colors choices: Century White, Vitamin C (orange), Ultra Black, and Boston Red. Only one color is exclusive to RE:FLEX: Ice Pearl. It’s too bad those are the only choices. Special editions like this are excellent opportunities to offer colors not on Veloster’s palette, such as the Genesis Coupe’s Tsukuba Red or Ibiza Blue, or something crazy to add to the car’s exclusivity.

Pricing hasn’t yet been announced, but the manual transmission RE:MIX started at $20,845. Since RE:FLEX is the same idea, I’d expect it to be in that ballpark. If you’re interested in the RE:FLEX, you’d better pounce quickly. Only 3,000 units will be built when it hits dealers in the spring.

Additional photos courtesy of Hyundai