Hyundai Does New York’s Times Square with Racing Game

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Proficient communication skills have long allured the willing to believe or experience. Advertising and marketing is the based on the principles that the right messages to a wide audience can the key to supremacy within industry competition. As consumers will determine afterwards whether a product or service lives up to the promise of its advertisement, the effective broadcast spot an asset all corporations and businesses stride to possess. With a wide range of brand identities trying to embed themselves in the minds of consumers, the auto industry use of promotional tools could involve the perfect, creative method for attracting the new car purchaser.

Not enough to lure potential customers with radio, television and Internet advertisements, automakers must draws eyes previewing of what can be expected during an ownership experience. The customary test drive has long been the way car dealerships to reinforce their car or truck’s attributes, technology has given an even more engaging experience to play a companion role in between ads and actual product use. With the latest mobile apps, smartphone and computer tablet users are now courted to partake in many aspects of a potential vehicle including styling choices. Started December 20th, Hyundai Motors America unleashed one of the world’s largest racing video game experience.

Providing a free auto racing simulator through the Apple App Store called Hyundai Race, gamers with iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad devices can engage a large screen in New York’s Times Square through an interactive challenge. Featuring Hyundai‘s sporty new Veloster compact, mobile App users engaging the program within the Hyundai Race WiFi network (set-up for the game alone) are given a free chance to control a virtual vehicle. Accurate steering and speed controls for the computer-generated three-door Veloster is given to a mobile device user as they compete for highest score in front of hundreds (if not thousands) of people in witness. At the end of a player’s turn playing Hyundai Race, the game broadcasts the round’s score. Hyundai Race scores will also be ranked among all other competitors in Times Square.

In the early 20th century advertisement market, Times Square was a super station broadcasting the brands and products of major corporations. Permitting the use of large billboards on buildings since 1916, New York City’s Times Square has turned the area into what is known as “The Crossroads of the World”. Auto companies First advertising in the famous New York locale in 1925, General Motors held a constant presence that came to a brief suspension in 2009 when the auto company filed for bankruptcy. GM’s first sign consisted of 5,000 neon lights constructing a 100-foot advertisement message. Today’s Times Square billboards are brought to life by complex but ultra-efficient LED panels.

A temporary attraction within one of the most famous metropolitan hotspots in the world, Times Square visitors will have until the end of the 2011 calendar year to engage the virtual Hyundai Veloster on the uniquely large arcade. Hyundai has stated the racing game experience will be followed-up with many other interactive experiences in the Times Square area in coming year.

Information source: Hyundai Motors America, Inventing Times Square: Commerce and Culture at the Crossroads of the World by William R. Taylor
Photo Source: Hyundai Motors America