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Honda EV-STER Concept Gets Greenlight for Production?

You know how we had been saying Honda offers almost no vehicles of interest to enthusiasts? There are some noises that they could be looking to change this. Acura is going to debut a new NSX concept at the Detroit Auto Show that will preview a production car.

It will feature a new hybrid version of Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive that uses electric motors. We’re intrigued at the possibilities the system offers.

At the Tokyo Auto Show, Honda showed off the EV-STER concept, a lightweight roadster. The EV-STER clearly looked like just a concept thrown out to please auto show crowds, not a prospect for production. Certainly a lot of details and the interior design are not ready for production.

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German car magazine Auto motor und Sport says that after receiving a lot of positive feedback about the EV-STER though, the company is giving it a green light for production. If true, it is a promising development.

The concept is a pure electric vehicle, but the production vehicle could offer a gasoline engine or hybrid system. We think offering just a traditional ICE in the car would be a good option. Lightweight, with a low amount of displacement, it would achieve good fuel economy numbers as well as offering a zippy driving experience.

As for a hybrid, look at how Honda’s last hybrid “sports” effort, the CR-Z fared. Not too well. That car has been characterized as a disappointment, as it just isn’t a worthy successor to the CR-Z. Hopefully Honda approves this project. The last sports car at Honda was the S2000. Word is that the EV-STER’s styling will heavily influence future Honda and Acura performance products. If the EV-STER is cheap, if it is really produced and if it offers a compelling engine option, this could be an exciting development. That is a lot of ifs though…