DSO Eyewear 2011 CR-Z Sport Hybrid Tuner rear

Honda CR-Z Hot Hybrid Hatch Hustles into Vegas: Part 2

Sending 12 customized Honda CR-Z to the SEMA Show in 2010, it was difficult to give credit to the individual craftsmanship and construction in just one article. In this second part, attention will be paid to the cars furnished with non-OEM partners.

Aftermarket performance companies and even an eyewear provider provides 6 additional design interpretations on this exciting new gas/electric hybrid.

Bisimoto Engineering 2011 CR-Z

2010 SEMA 040 CR Z Bisimoto medium

In the stock Honda CR-Z, 122 horsepower promises a reasonably peppy performance for the small hybrid. Bisimoto Engineering isn’t a big fan of stock engine pep. Seeing opportunity, the Ontario, California tuner company showed off their 533 horsepower 2011 CR-Z SEMA Show car. Specially built for the Bisimoto Engineering Honda CR-Z, the 1.5 liter engine contains an assorted compilation of performance parts.

With a series of tweaks conducted through in-house modifications by Bisimoto, other power optimizing products includes Supertech valves and K&N oil filter. However, the majority of this CR-Z hybrid’s horsepower output is owed to a Turbonetics Billet turbocharger and intercooler.

On the outside, a carbon fiber rear hatch and wing, 18-inch white painted Bisimoto-Savini wheels along with jazzy racing graphics enhances this Bisimoto Engineering project car.

DSO Eyewear 2011 CR-Z Sport Hybrid Tuner

2010 SEMA 062 CR Z DSO medium

A producer of premium designer sunglasses as well as goggles, DSO Eyewear’s experimentation with the Honda CR-Z starts by draping a two-tone paint scheme comprising of storm silver and pearl white. Adding details of carbon fiber and meshing along the front along with the rear, the DSO Eyewear 2011 CR-Z Sport Hybrid Tuner is a sensational-looking daytime sight.

At night, HID headlamps shine bright blue on the low setting with extreme white bulbs present for high beam lighting. The inside of the DSO Eyewear 2011 CR-Z Sport Hybrid Tuner is high-quality with suede and Katzkin leather worn in a Midnight Tuscany and silver.

When considering that a Honda CR-Z is being constructed under the guidance of a eyewear company, some might believe performance upgrades would not be featured modifications. In fact, Gran Turismo braking, performance sway bar as well as a HKS intake and stainless steel exhaust system shows otherwise.

Eibach Springs 2011 CR-Z

2010 SEMA 047 CR Z Eibach medium

Choosing not to turn their Honda CR-Z into an all-out speed demon, Eibach Springs Incorporated decided to emphasize the gas/electric hybrid’s fuel efficiency in their project car.

Of course built on Eibach Pro Street-S coilover suspension, this 2011 CR-Z is mildly enhanced mechanically with a K&N intake and Magnaflow exhaust. Constructed using a full array of C-West body add-ons accented by a Mugen spoiler, the Eibach Springs team brilliantly painted the Honda CR-Z in red and black with a gold separating the colours. Inside, the Eibach Springs 2011 CR-Z cabin is outfitted with Sparco Fighter bucket seats, harnesses and steering wheel. A red roll bar is also featured prominently in the interior adding rigidity and safety to the hybrid hatchback.

Setting out to build a 100-plus mile daily driver, the Eibach Springs effort is also said to play in active part in event race weekends.

Fortune Motorsports Samurai Gold 2011 Honda CR-Z

2010 SEMA 069 CR Z Fortune medium

Motivated in the creation of the “ultimate daily driver”, the Fortune Motorsports and Tjin Edition gave birth to this elegant custom. The 2011 Honda CR-Z is transformed with Dupont Samurai Gold paint on the outside and street rod gauges and seating inside. Riding on fully-digital air suspension and Falken Ziex tires, the Fortune Motorsports Samurai Gold 2011 Honda CR-Z

A busy SEMA Show for Tjin Edition, the company were also involved in the all-star collection of customized 2011 Ford Mustangs brought to Las Vegas. The employment of high-intensity discharge lighting, LED headlamps and a Webasto sunroof are clearly Tjin Edition touches passed onto the Fortune Motorsports Samurai Gold 2011 Honda CR-Z.

Konig Wheels 2011 CR-Z

2010 SEMA 053 CR Z Konig medium

Eagerly taking on the challenge for creating a vehicle “embracing an active lifestyle while living cleaner, the Konig Wheels 2011 CR-Z features evolutions in every aspect.

Playing on the ‘green’ theme literally, the Konig Wheels 2011 CR-Z is coated with a bright lime green paint scheme combining with some black striping along the side panels. Riding on lightweight Konig FRT Technology Wheels, Neuton tires and a Eibach lowering kit allows this design concept to gracefully roll. Unlike other CR-Z custom jobs, the Konig Wheels show car integrates another form of green transportation. The piggyback BMX bicycle rides top-mounted on a roof rack.

Continuing the trend of a fun-loving lifestyle inside, Kicker speakers, subwoofers and amplifer enhances the Alpine stereo head unit. Opening up the rear hatch, organization shoes, a cooler as well as skateboard are present for any daytime expedition.

Wraptivo 2011 CR-Z Type-F Concept

2010 SEMA 034 CR Z Wraptivo medium

Said to be designed in the spirit and heritage of Honda, the Wraptivo 2011 CR-Z Type-F Concept uses a collection of aftermarket and Honda Genuine Accessories. Displaying Wraptivo’s product on the CR-Z, a stealth-like matte black and carbon fiber roof as well as hood portion is actually body wrapping, not paint.

For further exterior work, side skirts and rear diffuser are supplied by Honda Genuine Accessories while the rear GT wing is made available from Rando/Tracy Sports. BF Goodrich g-force Super Sport tires surround red 18-inch Volk Racing G2 Wheels. The marriage of Honda accessories and aftermarket products continue inside of the Wraptivo show car design as red Recaro Sport bucket seating joins the Honda Genuine Accessories center arm rest and compass rearview mirror.

As sleek as the Wraptivo exterior skin, engine enhancements on this show car includes a HKS supercharger kit and a silent Hi-Power exhaust system.

Completing the 12-car arrangement of Honda CR-Z hybrids, project car of Honda Tuning Magazine and the upcoming LA Auto Show were also present at the Las Vegas SEMA Show.

Information and photo source: American Honda Motors Co., inc.

  1. You would think they would put on a decent set of wheels. I own a CRZ. It’s a great little car that was low balled by the EPA. I’m getting 45 mpg on a 6 speed.

  2. Just bought one myself. I’m getting 40mpgs in highway/city averaging 50-60 mph…not bad. Drove it from RI to Fl at around 80 mph but mpgs dropped to 37. Wish it had a moonroof! $1000 for after market part and really hesitating getting it if it rains–which it always does in the afternoon in Florida.

    1. Just for a few minutes in Florida – enough to annoy you then it stops!

      Still, great mpgs, nothing to complain about 🙂

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