Hennessey HPE550 Camaro

Forget the Z28 – Hennessey Releases the HPE550 Camaro

Hennessey Performance Engineering, the American tuning company responsible for producing insanely fast cars (like a Dodge Viper that runs rings around a Bugatti Veyron,) has created another beast – the 2010 Hennessey HPE550 Camaro. While not as powerful as the HPE700 Camaro announced earlier this year, the HPE550 eases the pain of those who were looking forward to the top-of-the-line Chevy Camaro Z28 which may or may not be built.

The Hennessey HPE550 Camaro produces a hearty 562 hp via a supercharger mounted on top of the 6.2-liter V8 from the Camaro SS. Since the stock SS produces “only” 426 hp, the supercharger system adds an incredible 136 hp and 137 lb-ft of torque with only 6 psi of boost pressure.

In addition to the power upgrade, the HPE550 will include a set of lightweight 20-inch wheels, an adjustable coilover suspension, embroidered headrests, and a Hennessey-branded graphics package for the exterior. 0-60 mph happens in 4.1 seconds and the quarter mile is over in 12.1 seconds at 119 mph.

Hennessey HPE550 Camaro side

Now, those with the cash in hand for a Z28 Camaro can breathe a sigh of relief. Or maybe not; there will only be 500 HPE550 Camaros made for 2010, and they start at $59,500 which is a pretty hefty premium over the $35,500. Plus, a diehard enthusiast doesn’t want a tuned Camaro, they want a Z28.

Regardless, the HPE550 is a beast in every way, and if you want the baddest Camaro on the street for under $100K, the HPE550 is the way to go.

On top of the upgrades listed above, options will include larger brakes, suspension upgrades, bigger wheels, and an upgraded interior. Hennessey has all sorts of parts for the Camaro, so your choices here will be pretty much endless.

Hennessey HPE550 Camaro rear

HPE550 Camaro buyers will also get a half-day performance driving course at the 1/4 mile dragstrip facility next to Hennessey headquarters. Chevy dealers themselves are getting in the action, with 16 HPE550s already on order.

Check out this road test from Edmunds below:

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