heico v40a

Heico Sportiv Releases Stylish Take On 2013 Volvo V40

heico v40a

While we’ve been speculating about the one-off Volvo S60 Polestar, Heico Sportiv has been busy tuning the Volvo V40. Heico has offered tuned versions of the S60 in the United States before. This one isn’t for us though, as the V40 is being kept an international-only product.

The new V40 hatchback is very stylish, and is packed with groundbreaking technology like the world-first exterior pedestrian airbag. The V40 is part of a consolidation of the Volvo lineup; it will be replacing the C30 as well as the V50 in Europe. Volvo is hoping it boosts sales significantly against competition like the Audi A3.

heico v40

We aren’t sure what their plans are for the U.S market exactly; hopefully a redesign of the Ford-developed S40 is in the cards. It is getting old, and the market is becoming more competitive than ever. Maybe bringing the V40 over wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all. The modifications to the V40 aren’t too over the top. There is a new, smartly integrated aerodynamic kit and nice looking new alloy rims. Out back Heico has fitted quad exhaust tips. Darkened headlights and the polished nature of the package make it seem similar to Volvo’s own factory R-Design models, and that’s a good thing.

Much like the Polestar upgrade, power is boosted purely though software. An update to the V40’s engine control unit has resulted in 266 horsepower and 269 pound-feet of torque, a very nice boost from the usual 237 hp and 236 pound-feet of torque. No word if these modifications void the warranty. As for the V40 itself; Volvo has really put forth a top notch effort. It is a big improvement over the C30, and (dare we say it) even more stylish and avant garde than the Audi A3. For a manufacturer known for dowdy cars in the past, that is saying something. Too bad Volvo didn’t figure the U.S in its plans for the car.