Hatchbacks and Luxury Options Sell 2011 Ford Fiesta

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At long last, the 2011 Ford Fiesta has finally begun invite North American customers to the party. As the first party-goers take the keys of the Fiesta Ford Motor Company has published some extremely interesting details on how the American automotive buyer is warming up to the B-segment compact car.

Along the most provocative details on the sale of the Ford Fiesta buyers opting for the five-door hatchback body style over a notchback four-door Fiesta. Providing an answer to a question I posed in an earlier Automoblog article titled “Is the Five-Door Car Hatching an American Return?“, Ford accounts that over 60% of Fiestas sold up to early September were of the five-door variety. Uniquely proportionate with the percentage of total compact cars sold in European markets, the American market for compact five-doors existed at 8.3% according to information compiled by Wardsauto.com. In the case of the Ford Fiesta, buyers are paying a nearly $2,000 premium over the minimum sticker of the sedan just for the sleek hatchback body style.

As indicated by Ford dealerships selling the majority of their Fiesta stock in the more expensive five-door variety, new owners are not just buying the base trim under $13,500 model of the compact car. Along the most surprising figure composed by Ford, optional equipment is being ordered in high quantities for the Ford Fiesta. Adding luxury, more than 50% of Ford Fiesta’s built prior to the early September cut-off have interiors trimmed with leather. Heated seats are also a hot convenience feature of the 2011 Fiesta as motorists in cooler climates have helped this item’s inclusion in almost 50% of vehicles sold. Finally, on 24% of newly-sold Fiestas, the $695 optional power moonroofs provide additional illumination to the cozy interior.

In the car’s ad campaign, it is evident that the younger car buyer is are the leading age demographic Ford wanted to capture with the new Fiesta. While being indiscriminate on the size of the B-Segment vehicles, these more youthful consumers are becoming the driving force for electronic novelties. In a whopping 80% of new Fiestas, keyless entry with push-button have been ordered by customers. The 80% percentile would also pertain to 2011 Ford Fiestas fitted with the car’s premium six-speaker sound system as well as the Ford SYNC wireless productivity system. However, it should be noted that SYNC is standard on SEL models and higher plus is a no-cost option.

With these statistics relating to Fiestas sold into early September, the United States motorist’s sampling five-door small car with premium equipment appears to be incorporating a very European taste.

Information and photo source: Ford Motor Company