Hamster Driving

You Act Like You’ve Never Seen a Hamster Driving a Truck Before

Hamster Driving

And no, we aren’t talking about Richard Hammond here.

Most of us car enthusiasts rave on about being able to feel the road through the steering wheel and love the responsiveness in the handling of a good car.

We sneer in the face of stuff like over-boosted power steering and numb handling. Hell, some of us prefer to forgo power steering altogether.

The first example of a damn-good-handling car when asked, usually involves the letters B, M, and W. Or if you’re really pretentious, you’ll insist there’s nothing comparable to an Ariel Atom or Lotus 7.

But there’s definitely a place for power steering, and incredibly over-boosted power steering at that.

For example, if you’re the driver of a 15 ton dump truck maneuvering around boulders at the edge of cliffs in Spain, you’ll likely appreciate a steering system that doesn’t take much effort to manipulate.

Volvo Trucks have developed their Volvo Dynamic Steering system to the point where it can apparently be steered by a hamster in a wheel attached to the steering wheel.

And that’s exactly what they’ve done – this video shows the Volvo team teasing a hamster with a carrot to get him to drive a truck up a cliff in Ourense, Spain.

Sound ridiculous? Watch on:

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