BMW made the X6, a crossover SUV like thing, and then they gave it the M (i.e. hot rod) treatment. So what would happen if a German tuning (i.e. hot rodding) firm were to give it even more stick? Say hello to the HAMANN TYCOON EVO M.

The short answer is 670 hp and a top end of 300 km/h.

Yeah, pretty impressive to be sure, but let’s get into the nitty gritty details.

There are the front and the rear fender extensions made of light composite materials. And the body has been widened by 60 millimeters overall. There are also newly designed side skirts. And up front there are four LED daytime running lights. There are also enlarged air inlets in the front and the carbon fiber hood that has been optimized for air ventilation of the engine compartment. Out the back, HAMANN (all caps, thanks for shouting) also replaces the original skirt. Also hanging off the back are rear- and roof spoilers. And there are centrally positioned double end pipes from the sports exhaust system which HAMANN describes as “earthy sounding”.

Anyway, back to the engine. In addition to the “earthy sounding” exhaust, which is stainless steel with metal catalysts, HAMANN also reprogrammed the ECU map for the serial motronic computer that suspends the speed limit of 250 km/h and allows, a-HEM, “.. unrestrained driving pleasures.” Tell that to the judge.

HAMANN X6 M rear

So, you get that 670 hp at 6,000 r.p.m. and 780 Nm torque at a nice and broad 1,500 – 5,650 r.p.m. This is a 115 hp and 100 Nm more than the production car. 0 to 100 (I’m assuming that’s klicks) in only 4,2 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 300 km/h.

HAMANN also adds a lowering kit: Progressively coiled springs at the front axle and a modification kit for the rear axle that lowers the centre of gravity of the Sports Utility Vehicle by approx. 40 millimeters. Wheels? Of course. HAMANN offers 23-inch wheels that are 11.0 x 23 at the front- and 12.0 x 23 at the rear axle, combined with tires measuring 315/25 R 23.

And on the inside HAMANN offers accessories made of black-anodized aluminum and carbon fiber. Special pedals and foot rest are to be had that “render motor sports air”. Er, sure. There’s also a three-spoke sports steering wheel and a boot mat with diamond-shaped decorations and an embroidered logo.

Photos: HAMANN