GM kills the Pontiac G8 ST. Unofficially.

g8 st

It seems like this recent hope of reviving old brands has a limit. The Challenger, Camaro, and other retro-styled cars have made it through, but the El Camino apparently has not. The new Camino, in the form of the Pontiac G8 ST, caused a lot of eyebrows to be raised when it was first released. After all, it hardly seemed to be the right vehicle for the times. And quite honestly, it’s not.

That’s one view. The other is that the ST (Sport Truck) is a viable, honest, and environmentally sound alternative to buying a bona fide pickup. Either one makes sense. We’re not too surprised at this, as GM is currently going through a crisis and is reorganizing its line-up, but we do think that the G8 ST would have been an interesting experiment, if not more.

Keep in mind that this is strictly unofficial: GM has made no statement yet on the future of the G8 ST. Expect this report to be true, however. Or not. Prepare to be surprised by the company that has done a lot of surprising things in recent years.