2012 land rover range rover evoque convertible concept.1280x1080.Mar 06 2012

Geneva: Land Rover Evoque Convertible Concept

The Land Rover Evoque is anything but conventional. The Evoque’s rakish design and stylish interior (especially in the upper trim levels) has us won us over. A lot of other people agree too; Motor Trend declared it the winner of its 2012 Sport/Utility of the Year Award.

Instead of going the safe route by producing a traditional-looking CUV, Land Rover decided to be different. As an example the three-door variant is something no one else out there is doing right now. Kudos to them for that. They’re taking that one step further with what they bill as “the world’s first premium SUV convertible.” Emphasis on premium there, as Nissan recently gave us the CrossCabriolet, the world’s first crossover convertible.

2012 land rover range rover evoque convertible concept.1280x1080.Mar 06 2012

While it isn’t premium, they sure do charge a steep price for it. While it is utterly pointless, we think the idea works a whole lot better on the Evoque Convertible Concept. It is a vehicle that totally defies categorization.

Not surprisingly, a majority of the images show the car with its top down. The lone image with it up shows it from the front, and it looks surprisingly good. A view from the back though is a must to know for sure. It is called a concept, but there is nothing here that isn’t doable for production – it is just a matter of lopping the top off.

If public reception is good you can bet Land Rover will offer it, as the engineering involved isn’t likely to be all the much. A lot of it sounds like they’re planning to produce it saying things like: “It is a bold design study that builds on the current model’s success and reflects Land Rover’s expertise at identifying and leading new market segments.” Identifying and leading new market segments? Somehow we don’t expect a whole raft of convertible crossovers to appear soon, but hey we’ve been wrong before.