01 galpin gtr 1

Galpin Introduces GTR-1, “Successor” to GT-40

01 galpin gtr 1

The Ford GT has a long and storied past. As legend has it, Henry Ford wanted to purchase Ferrari and the deal was near completion. Enzo Ferrari wanted to sell the company and Ford was thought to be the perfect buyer.

The deal broke down over a disagreement regarding racing. Ford already fielded race cars and if the purchase went through, would have withdrawn Ferrari from racing. Ferrari balked and ended the deal abruptly. This caused Henry Ford to set his sights on taking down Ferrari and racing. The result was the Ford GT-40 and a historic win for the American company.

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With that, the GT-40 had cemented its place in history. When Ford wanted to produce a supercar years later, it made a modernized version of the car for the 2005 and 2006 model years. This is a testament to the Gt-40’s design..it has remained fresh through the years. This is something Galpin Auto Sports is going to take advantage of with its new model the GTR-1. Galpin is a Ford mega-dealer and also a tuner famed in automotive circles.

The GTR-1 is an ambitious product, it isn’t just a rework of an existing product. As a dealer, Galpin clearly sees the potential for profit here. As far as styling, the GTR-1 isn’t an exact copy, but it borrows a lot of the design traits and attempts to modernize them. Galpin’s aim is to make it look as if Ford had continued production since 2004. Each car will be ordered to customer specifications and pack 1,000 horsepower. Details about the engine aren’t clear yet, but you can bet it will be Ford power. The GTR-1 prototype is slated for a reveal early next year. That is when we will get to see the car in real life; these are just computer-generated images. Galpin didn’t specify when deliveries would begin. The only question we have here is what Ford thinks about all of this.