FWD: 2013 Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe Leaks


Brace yourself for front-wheel drive Mercedes-Benzes. While the rest of the world has had them for quite some time. the United States has been largely been kept from them. That is because Mercedes has a higher-end luxury image here in the U.S. In other parts of the world Mercedes are used as taxis and the badge is found on vans and MPVs. In order to keep the brand’s high-end reputation intact, these models have been kept international-only.

The smallest Mercedes in the U.S is the C-Class. The company has a new directive though to expand sales and reach younger buyers. To do that, along with boost fuel economy and profits, front-wheel drive platforms are being turned to. Mercedes Front Architecture (MFA) is set to underpin a lot of Mercedes’ future growth.


The good news is that while most FWD Mercedes-Benzes in the past were not very stylish, the new cars are worlds apart. Desirable, even. The new A-Class is an example of this, and even more so the Concept Style Coupe, which just leaked out on the internet. Mini CLS? Oh yeah. The Concept Style Coupe previews the upcoming small FWD Mercedes that is confirmed for U.S-sale. The jury is still out on the A-Class’ U.S-sale, but we think it stands a good chance of coming here. The Concept Style Coupe (CSC) exudes style and class, forging ahead on a different style path for Mercedes. Bland and inoffensive is gone.

The proportions out back especially are definitely interesting (check out that green house and fat rear C-pillar) but it works. CSC is very dramatic, but at this juncture just a concept. Hopefully the production car’s looks won’t be significantly toned down. They weren’t with the A-Class, so maybe that will be the case again. The only thing wrong here is the hideous green in the interior. Other than though, it looks good – we’ve been impressed by the A-Class interior and the CSC only builds on it. The top-notch style and quality inside and out on these cars is very impressive. Almost enough to make us forget they are front-wheel drive…..