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Future Toyota Adventure Concept: The Off-Road Autobot

The Future Toyota Adventure Concept (FT-AC) made its debut in sunny California as the Los Angeles Auto Show gets underway. Toyota says the California reveal was intentional as many residents enjoy trips to the desert and beach. The FT-AC is aimed at active lifestyle types who desire versatility and uniqueness in a vehicle.

“FT-AC is perfect for those outdoor enthusiasts who want to dial up the adventure on their weekend getaways,” explained Jack Hollis, Group Vice president, and General Manager, Toyota Division. “No matter the roads, the activities, or the people, FT-AC sparks authentic fun and conversation.”

Talking Points & Transformers

Indeed, the FT-AC will start a conversation – it’s near impossible not to have some reaction to it. Toyota’s press materials say “at first glance, it is evident that FT-AC’s bold and daring design reflects the confident spirit of Toyota’s existing SUVs and trucks.” That’s fair, although I would contend it looks like a Transformer. That’s not to be taken negatively either. I sense being on a camping excursion at Warren Dunes State Park over July 4th with family and friends; just as we are about to enjoy some burgers and brats, Megatron rises up from Lake Michigan, which would pretty much ruin the evening. My FT-AC morphs into an Autobot and sends the Emperor of Destruction packing back to Cybertron.

Cue a witty one-liner from Ironhide and we’re all set.

But seriously, the FT-AC is focused on making the trip as fun as the destination. There are a number of things one could do with this vehicle because it’s designed for both the highway and high country. I only suggest Warren Dunes because I love that area of Michigan, but those who go rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and the like could easily find uses for this machine.

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Photo: Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Cameras & Creatures

The FT-AC was molded around a long wheelbase and wide track to increase capability while communicating a powerful stance. The wide fender flares provide protection; just below reside the 20-inch wheels and all-terrain tires. Toyota notes the ground clearance and skid plates for a “go and play” mentality. The LED headlights, LED marker lights, and fog lamps ensure one can “go and play” even at night.

There are infrared cameras on the side mirrors so you can record your expedition to find Bigfoot. When you do, a Wi-Fi hotspot automatically uploads the footage to a cloud-based storage where real-time editing and posting can be done via a mobile device. This way, you can determine if it’s actually Bigfoot, a bear, or a guy in a suit. And if you get lost looking for the mysterious Sasquatch, instead of being the featured characters in a campy, nonsensical horror flick, you can utilize FT-AC’s geolocation capabilities for directions back home. No getting chased through the woods for you by the Yeti, no sir.

Pricing & Availability

The FT-AC is simply a science experiment but Toyota says it has “been imagined” as a gasoline-powered vehicle with advanced torque-vectoring and all-wheel drive. Ideally, the driver could toggle a terrain-select system, changing up the throttle response and power delivery depending on the road or lack thereof. Toyota even hints at the possibility of the FT-AC being a hybrid. Only time will tell.

Carl Anthony is Managing Editor of Automoblog and resides in Detroit, Michigan. 

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Photo: Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Photos & Source: Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.