Alfa Romeo Giulia 1

French Designer Renders Alfa Romeo GTA

While Alfa Romeo dillydallies over when to return to the United States, and what products to do it with, one art student has created his idea of what an Alfa sports car. should be like. The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione supercar technically marked Alfa’s return to the U.S, but it hasn’t been followed up with any mainstream product.

It would have been a great lead in for a return to the market in full force, but the company failed to act on that opportunity. Word now is that they could try that strategy again with a production version of the mid-engined 4C arriving first. The rendering in question has been done by French designer/art student Vincent Montreuil. His Alfa sports car, a reborn Giulia GTA was done as part of a project for his art college.

Alfa-Romeo-Giulia rendering

The new Giulia GTA is a lightweight, front-engined, rear-wheel drive sports car – just like the original. And by lightweight, we mean really lightweight. Montreuil envisions his Giulia GTA as weighing just 1,800 pounds. With all of today’s safety gear and convenience items that figure would be incredibly hard to achieve without spending a lot of money on aluminum and composites. This is just a theoretical concept though – we’re sure the creator didn’t really base it on production realities.

With so little pounds to lug around, Montreuil speculates the car would need just 200 horsepower. That would ensure excellent performance as well as fuel economy. The idea is great, but we can’t say the styling is our favorite either. The 8C’s flowing, beautiful lines would have been a better inspiration. All this does though is create a desire to see some real Alfa Romeos head our way – cars like the Giulia mid-size sedan and 4C. With just the 500 to sell, we’re Fiat dealers feel the same way. Hopefully Alfa’s designers will come up with something good and Marchionne will finally green light the brand’s return.