Frankfurt: Citroen Tubik Concept


Much like Renault, and Peugeot but to an even greater extent, you can always count on Citroen for quirkiness. The French automaker has brought a unique approach to mainstream vehicles, and is responsible for iconic models like the 2CV and DS.

Lately, that quirkiness has perhaps been toned down a bit for new models, but we doubt it will ever go away entirely. The Frankfurt Motor Show brings Citroen’s look at what a future (pretty far in the future) dual-purporse commercial and passenger van could look like.

As you’d expect from a Citroen concept, the Tubik Concept Van isn’t your typical van. Far from it. Citroen calls the Tubik a “high-tech executive shuttle” based on “one key idea: travel should be fun.” The Tubik’s styling throws out the usual van playbook, with large doors and a lack of rear windows.


The upright front end with wrap around windshield strikes us as very train-like. That design makes for an interesting vantage point for the driver. Gullwing doors front and rear open up to an entirely reconfigurable interior.

The Tubik can seat nine passengers, and the seats are able to be moved around to form a table or flat area. The design inside and out is different than anything on the market, and t shows ideas that Citroen designers are exploring. However, in case you’re wondering this is purely a concept – Citroen hasn’t announced any plans for production, even in toned down form.

Citroen did make two commercial vans in the past, the first as a short run called the Tub Van and the second being the H Van, which was in production from 1947 to 1981. There isn’t more than that available as far as details go; Citroen released a very small press release. Perhaps we’ll hear more at the show. Check out our comprehensive gallery below for Citroen’s vision of the future of transportation.