Motobuildz 2012 Dodge Charger RT

Fourth Day of Car Gifts: Greenlight MotoBuildz Kit

We have entered day four of’s Twelve Days of Car Gifts. Having already introduced a Knight Rider K.I.T.T. holiday ornament, Corvette Stingray Watch and ISSE Snow Socks, it’s time to acknowledge what could be items intriguing to younger automotive admirers. So important to win over the minds of future gear heads, an activity should involve a minimal amount intimidation producing a something fun.

When I was an older child, the thrill in life was plastic model kits. What has been very disappointing has been the difficulty of finding good quality scaled models in stores. Another disturbing trend that bloomed in the period I was most active in building scaled model vehicles was the decreasing number of kits being molded in color. With major painting needed for most new kits, you will need to buy extra paint and brushes. A low-cost alternative for creating a well-detailed automotive replica is now available from Greenlight.

If you are a parent, it is reasonable to assume part of the holiday season consists of finding ways of keeping the minds of young ones occupied. The Greenlight MotoBuildz foam paper model kit is catered towards the entertainment of older kids as a part toy car, part 3-D puzzle. Rated for ages 10 and up, Greenlight MotoBuildz kits require no special equipment, glues or paints to assemble. Officially licensed by major automakers, Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge brand cars are represented. The sixth-generation Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 and Ford F-150 SVT Raptor pickup truck are three of the six available Greenlight MotoBuildz kits. More than an assemble-once 3-D kit, the MotoBuildz product includes a friction motor allowing the built vehicle replica to be played with gently.

In writing this product review as a proposed car gift idea, I took time to build a Greenlight MotoBuildz kit myself. Obtaining a 2012 Dodge Charger R/T, the assembly process took me about an hour to complete. The age rating seems a little high but there are a few metal parts involved. The instructions on the box are rather straightforward but be careful to observe the small details in the description to minimize frustrations. I really impressed with the result of a foam paper representation of the Dodge Charger sedan. Constructing the kit’s base first, the 26 total components go together quickly. Foam parts are layered on the front and rear fascia area of the vehicle to create a meaningful 3-D effect depicting bumpers as well as grille detail. When it comes to the aesthetics of the MotoBuildz kit, the side mirrors fall short and are applied as almost an afterthought. Another aspect somewhat annoying was the front axle rod jostles back and forth. Some kind of stopper would have been appreciated on the front metal axle rod.

When assembled, the Greenlight MotoBuildz 2012 Dodge Charger is relatively strong. For display purposes, the 3-D vehicle replica could possibly stay together for an indefinite period. Giving into desire, playing with the MotoBuildz product you likely take a toll on the kit. At a cost of around $10 depending on the store location, the Greenlight MotoBuildz could prove to be a remedy to an idle mind.

Information and photo source: Chris Nagy, Greenlight Collectibles