Lamborghini Aventador LP700

Four-Seat Lamborghini Aventador GT Slated For Geneva

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In the auto industry it’s never too early to talk about what’s next. Lamborghini is looking to increase the size of its model lineup, and it made a splash at the Geneva Motor Show this past March with the Urus SUV Concept. At the time it was favored for greenlight over the Estoque sedan due to the potential for greater growth.

Now word on the street is that the Urus (and Bentley EXP 9 F SUV) could be delayed to save cash. In the meantime though, CAR Magazine is speculating about the next introduction(s) in the pipeline for next year’s Geneva show. For one, there is supposedly two additional Aventador models. Lambo’s top-end car has always been a two-seater, but CAR says the company is considering adding a four-seat model GT model with two jump seats.

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Reportedly “softer edged” than the standard car, the Aventador GT would have an extended wheel base and two small rear jump seats with a new door arrangement. It wouldn’t be spacious back there, but at least you could take more people with you (in theory). The idea is similar in concept to the four-door Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG patent drawings we saw a while back. Interesting. They could just greenlight the Estoque, you know….but, we digress.

What we already know is coming is the Aventador roadster, but some extra light has been shed on what to expect. Instead of canvas, a retractable hardtop panel is said to be in the works, similar in style to the McLaren MP4-12C Spider and Ferrari 458 Spider. A Spring/Summer launch is expected – no word on the Aventador GT. At this point we think the GT seems to be more of an experimental idea. Lamborghini tries one-off vehicles at these shows to generate interest – witness the Aventador J. We’ll be surprised if it sees the light of day as a production vehicle.