Ford Targets Yuppies in New C-Max Ads

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When Ford’s otherwise very European C-Max MPV (read: microvan, kinda like a Prius) came to North America last year, it made a pretty good overall impression.

Over here, it’s available in two main variations – the C-Max Hybrid, and C-Max Energi (a plug-in hybrid.) The latter of which gets an impressive 100 MPGe – which is a vague, barely-understood-by-anyone number the EPA came up with to compare cars that run on anything other than straight gasoline or diesel fuel.

But what you can do with that is compare it to other plug-in hybrids. And for the C-Max, Ford has their sights set directly for the Toyota Prius Plug-in, which gets 95 MPGe. So, the C-Max is a bit better there, but that’s also a little misleading because there are all sorts of other MPG-related numbers to confuse things during real-life driving.

Regardless, Ford’s latest ad campaign, which is apparently in collaboration with Huffington Post’s local section, target yuppies going about their daily business. Interestingly, the ads say absolutely nothing about the car itself, but each one is a sort of mini-documentary about each of our subjects (all late-20’s to early 30-something urban professionals in highly creative professions.)

Each one focuses on how they support their local community and go about their lives, with not-so-subtle hints about how the C-Max makes their lives easier.

Take a look at the ads below and let us hear your thoughts in the comments:

Alex – the Artist & Designer

Melissa – the Producer

Craig – the Chef