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Ford Ranger FX2 Shows New Trends In The Truck Market

  • The Ford Ranger FX2 offers new styling elements and performance-oriented features. 
  • FX2 buyers among the growing number wanting more personalized options for their truck. 

The two operative words here are “sporty” and “style.” That’s what you will be getting if you plunk down the cash for the FX2 package on your new Ford Ranger. It’s not going to turn it into a sports car, only give you a more sporty look; and it’s not going to get you climbing up the slopes in Moab; it’ll only give you a more off-road panache. But given the market Ford is aiming for here, it should be right on the mark.

Here is a look at the new Ford Ranger FX2.

Why Are Customers Ordering The Ford Ranger FX2?

The FX2 Package can be added to any two-wheel drive Ford Ranger. Why, you might ask, would anybody want a jazzed-up, non-4×4 pickup? Ford has a simple and direct answer. They’ve noticed more customers are prioritizing truck customization and capability options, so Ford is hoping to get new buyers in the Ranger camp by offering them some of these options in-house. Basically, Ford is trying to get ahead of the game.

“We’re seeing sales trends that tell us to grow Ranger’s capability and appearance options even further,” said Chad Callander, Ford Ranger Consumer Marketing Manager. “The FX2 Package is a result of us listening to our customers and what they’re demanding from their trucks.”

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Ford Ranger FX2. Photo: Ford Motor Company.

What Is The FX2 Package?

Everything rides on your choice of 17- or 18-inch wheels with off-road tires for a start. The Ranger FX2 Package adds tougher styling cues and capability upgrades like an electronic-locking rear differential and an off-road-tuned suspension. Like Ford’s FX4 trucks, the Ranger FX2 includes a front underbody guard and an off-road cluster screen inside. Essentially, it’s the stuff normally found on the 4×4 Rangers, now with the two-wheel drive offering.

“FX2 expands Ranger’s options for customers who want tough, off-road style with the functionality of a locking differential but don’t need four-wheel drive,” said Brian Bell, Ford Ranger Marketing Manager. “This is another way our customers can personalize Ranger to match their lifestyle while getting a great value.”

That front underbody guard joins an “air dam-delete” for more of an off-road look and even some merit. I mean, that’s pretty much a gimme. Who is going to put an air dam on something that might (possibly) (could) (maybe) go off-road? With the FX2 Package, when you run out of blacktop, the off-road cluster screen shows you such handy info as pitch, roll, and yaw in real time.

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A front underbody guard and an air dam-delete help shield the chassis and improve approach angles. Photo: Ford Motor Company.

A Package Deal

Ford says two out of three Ranger buyers opt for extra personalization options. This includes the Sport and STX Appearance Packages, both offered on the Ranger. By contrast, only one in three select the FX4 Off-Road Package, yet more than half opt for the Trailer Tow Package, also available for the FX2 trim. There are, of course, more than just these options to choose from, but it seems looks are everything these days. The new Black Appearance Package, for example, offers (surprise!) black accents and high-gloss black wheels. The Chrome Appearance Package ditches the subtlety for chrome body accents and bright chrome wheels.

Under The Hood

The new Ranger undergoes the same rigorous testing process as its bigger brother, the F-150. Like Ford’s best-seller, the new Ranger uses a high-strength steel frame and an EcoBoost engine, which creates 270 horsepower and 310 lb-ft. of torque. When properly equipped, the 2019 Ford Ranger has a 7,500 lbs. towing capacity and a payload capacity of 1,860 lbs.

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Photo: Ford Motor Company.

Pricing & Availability

The new Ford Ranger looks like an affordable, rugged, and maneuverable pickup. And who knows, maybe this new FX2 package will be the perfect partner for any adventure you dream up. It’s not a super expensive add-on either, coming in at $595. The Ford Ranger FX2 can be ordered now with deliveries expected late this year. Starting MSRP for the 2019 Ford Ranger is $24,300 in XL trim; $28,120 for the XLT, and $32,390 for the top-end Lariat.

Tony Borroz has spent his entire life racing antique and sports cars. He is the author of Bricks & Bones: The Endearing Legacy and Nitty-Gritty Phenomenon of The Indy 500, available in paperback or Kindle formatFollow his work on Twitter: @TonyBorroz

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Photos & Source: Ford Motor Company.