Mustangs At The Movies

Ford Mustangs at the Movies (Infographic)

Car guys can’t watch movies . . .

For example, during a horror flick, when the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, on some creepy road.  I diagnose the problem and instruct the characters (as if they can hear me) on how they can fix their car and avoid the psycho watching through the trees.

I also suggest to them (again, as if they can hear me) a newer, more dependable vehicle so this does not happen again.  I often insist they get a faster car so they can outrun whatever crazy nutzo is after them.

Our friends at Late Model Restoration love Ford Mustangs for this very reason.

From the armored up prison pony car of Death Race to the subtle Chevrolet vs. Ford theme when Bumble Bee and Barricade brawl in Transformers, the Mustang has Hollywood roots.  The info-graphic below from Late Model Restoration highlights some favorite big screen Ford Mustangs.


Mustangs At The Movies

What are you favorite movies with Ford Mustangs?

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