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Fans Can Go Wild With The New Ford Bronco Build & Price Configurator

If you’re itching for a new Bronco or Bronco Sport, you can now get one step closer. Ford recently launched the Bronco build-and-price configurator, which lets you see different exterior color options, material choices for the interior, and dozens of accessories. To date, Ford has logged nearly 200,000 reservations for the Bronco, which comes in both two-door and four-door configurations. 

“The color and material offerings of the all-new Bronco and Bronco Sport are genuine and trusted, and establish a visceral connection between nature and the authenticity of this new family of rugged SUVs,” explained Missy Coolsaet, Bronco color and materials designer. “They motivate our customers to return to the wilderness and challenge themselves – and Bronco takes them there in a carefree, spontaneous way.”

2021 Ford Bronco: Exterior Color Options

Ford describes the exterior color palette as a mix of earthy grays, blues and blacks, and reds and oranges that each pay tribute to the first-gen Bronco, which hit the road in 1966. Velocity Blue and Cyber Orange Metallic Tri-Coat, for example, are inspired directly by the first-gen Bronco. Lightning Blue is available for the limited run of First Edition Bronco two- and four-door models.

Antimatter Blue, available for both two- and four-door Broncos, is a deeper hue while Alto Blue Metallic Tinted Clearcoat, available for the Bronco Sport, has elements of green. New colors include Area 51 (a smoky teal), Cactus Gray, and Kodiak Brown, the latter being available for the Bronco Sport.

The more traditional colors for the Bronco and Bronco Sport include Oxford White, Iconic Silver, Carbonized Gray, and Shadow Black. Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat, borrowed from the Mustang, is available for both the Bronco and Bronco Sport. Race Red, a popular F-150 color when the Ecoboost engine first appeared in the truck in 2011, is available for Bronco two- and four-door models.

2021 Ford Bronco: Exterior Color Gallery

2021 Ford Bronco Sport: Exterior Color Gallery

Interior designers at Ford spent a considerable amount of time with off-road enthusiasts, camping out with them on numerous occasions. During those trips, designers began collecting what they called “artifacts,” or rather, these little trinkets that would help inspire them once they got back to Detroit.

Some of the most memorable items included a long broken-in baseball glove, a pair of running shoes, and an old fishing net, which served as inspiration for the MOLLE hook storage system for both the Bronco and Bronco Sport. A vintage leather Filson briefcase and leather watch band also influenced the interior design a great deal.

“There’s a real honesty to these items that’s subtle and still rugged like a Bronco interior should be,” Coolsaet said. “Just like an old baseball glove, they’re meant to be used rough – getting better with age and emulating the customer’s adventure prowess as the vehicle ages.”

Designers also wanted the Bronco’s interior to be washable after a day in the wild. This lead to things like the mold-resistant marine-grade vinyl seating surfaces and flooring with drain plugs. “The Bronco Sport design team even looked to popular athletic shoes to create a Y-shaped pattern on the available floor and cargo mats to help keep dirt and water in check,” said Carrie Kennerly, Bronco Sport senior color and materials designer. “With the second-row seats folded flat, the entire cargo area is now easier to clean.”

Access The Bronco Build & Price Configurator

The Ford Bronco build-and-price configurator is now live. After you put in your zip code, you are free to go nuts. Ford has a “Pick Your Own Adventure” tab in the configurator as well. After playing with the new configurator and getting your dream Bronco in order, take a listen to the Bring Back Bronco podcast hosted by Sonari Glinton. The eight-part series looks at the Bronco through the years, starting with its inception in 1963 to its current rebirth. 

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Photos & Source: Ford Motor Company.